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Hello friend, I'm Kelly and I am so happy you are here! I abandoned my career as an OT to pick up a camera and follow my heart. I love the east coast and am fuelled by coffee, pizza and red wine. I am a wife, a mom and a lover of rescue mutts. I go adventuring in the summer and I hibernate in the winter. I blog about photography, business and all things inspirational.





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From the moment I met Jenny ten years ago, I knew we were kindred spirits. I mean, she loves living in Saint John new Brunswick, she has a special place in her heart for all things furry and an obvious passion for photography. Her romance with her surroundings: her world and the people and things in […]

I saw her over there, side-hustling, raising two kids and working a full-time job. Her photography was really progressing, and I couldn’t help but write her a note to tell her how impressed I was. She responded with a thank you and a question: “How can a budding photographer balance working a full-time job and […]

Going out for your first few shoots can be a little anxiety-inducing. Heck, I still get butterflies before going out to shoot. Trust me, it’s normal. When photographers ask me for advice on this, I often find myself saying, “just have fun with it” and after some thought, I realised that you are likely going […]

Oh September, how we love you. You turn the leaves from green to red and yellow, you put cosy knits on boutique shelves, you whisk PSL’s back onto the menus of our favourite coffee shops, you put our children back onto buses, you resume our daily routines, and you make us busy. Oh, so, busy. […]

Have you ever made the perfect fruit and muesli parfait breakfast and thought, “this is so instagrammable” only to be disappointed by the photo you took of it? (Ok let’s be real: my breakfast is rarely glamorous, usually my 4-year old’s leftover bowl of Captain Crunch or half eaten Eggo waffle). Or have you been at a […]

Remember back in January when we were all like, “Yeah! Slay 2017! This is the year…yeah! *high fivezzzzz*” Remember that?! Didn’t think so. I wanted to take a minute, mid-year, to regroup and give you some tricks that you can use TODAY, and on a daily basis, to get you back on track for crushing […]

1. You will work more hours. You originally made the decision to “work for yourself” because you wanted the freedom to work less. You won’t, at all. But here’s the thing, you’ll work more hours happily because you would rather spend more hours working on your own thing than fewer hours working on someone else’s […]

Your website: potentially the most powerful business tool you will arm yourself with. In today’s climate, your customers are everlastingly making their way to the Googles to see who or what will populate their search results. Upon discovering your little corner of the world wide web, your website becomes the piece of marketing collateral that […]

Hey, you! Can I talk to you for a second? I just wanted to tell you that you’re amazing. You really are. You need to stop doubting your greatness and start looking at your fears from your rearview mirror. If I can say [email protected]&kit to my corporate life to create a life that I am […]

Remember how I said being an entrepreneur and photographer means stepping both feet into the ring? Hanging a shingle that says “Photographer for hire,” publicly sharing your work, and effectively standing on the same ground that preying wolves stand on? How’s that going? Does the whole world love what you are doing? Do 100% of […]

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