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Oh September, how we love you. You turn the leaves from green to red and yellow, you put cosy knits on boutique shelves, you whisk PSL’s back onto the menus of our favourite coffee shops, you put our children back onto buses, you resume our daily routines, and you make us busy. Oh, so, busy. […]

Have you ever made the perfect fruit and muesli parfait breakfast and thought, “this is so instagrammable” only to be disappointed by the photo you took of it? (Ok let’s be real: my breakfast is rarely glamorous, usually my 4-year old’s leftover bowl of Captain Crunch or half eaten Eggo waffle). Or have you been at a […]

Everywhere I turned, it was as though Abigail and Andre’s wedding fell right out of a Pinterest page. As I watched them on Friday, I was reminded of what a great thing the internet is, how incredibly rewarding capturing love is, and how invigorating it is to make these memories with your dream clients! I […]

There are a few lesser known things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. Sure, you should like their portfolio, that’s the obvious one, but it is definitely not the only consideration. Below I will list four more equally important things for you to think about: 1. You should choose someone that you feel 100% […]

After photographing dozens of weddings, I’m always shocked when I see something that just stops me in my tracks. Erica and Shane did that time and time and time again. From the way her father teared up before they walked together along the green laden path of the Saint John Public Gardens, to the way […]

This gorgeous home on a highly canoe-able river in Hampton NB just hit the market. My camera gobbled it up, so I thought your eyes might like to as well. It won’t last long, so whenever whoever buys it, please invite me to sit Riverside with you + a glass of wine.

It all happens so fast when you think about it. A question is asked, an answer is given, a ring is donned, a manicure booked. You can’t stop staring at your finger. Is this really happening? Is this really my hand? Man, my hand looks good. You make the announcement, the questions begin, “Where will […]

In 2009, I shot my first paid wedding. In the seven years that followed I have faced many ups and downs, I have dealt with negativity and criticism and I have endured the pain of poor decisions. I have also felt the joy of super happy clients, the satisfaction of sharing new images and the […]

I recently spoke to a local photography club, the Fundy Camera Club. First, I have to say how incredibly rewarding that was. As photographers, we spend so much time in isolation; photographing, processing and delivering our individual craft that we rarely have the opportunity to cluster together and talk shop – but when the opportunity presents itself […]

If someone shone a light in your face in the middle of the night and asked you, “What do you want to photograph the most?!” What would you say? Ok, after a few select four letter swearwords, what would you say? I would say, “WOMEN!” I love to photograph women. I love all things feminine: curved […]

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