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In 2010 I walked away from the career I had worked toward for 11 years. That's 7 years of university, two science degrees and 4 years of practicing Occupational Therapy to pick up the camera I bought on ebay and follow my heart. That same year I married the man of my dreams who reminds me daily that life is too short to not do what you love. Fast forward one decade and my work has been published in numerous magazines and I have diversified my strong entrepreneurial spirit to online courses and affiliate marketing. Oh, and that healthcare salary, I quadrupled it!

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The Workshop Weekly Podcast is a show where no dream is too big and no topic too small. Around here, we believe that taking imperfect action rules, so we’re creating space for you to dive in and fast track your success, one workshop at a time. Now, refill your coffee cup, grab your notebook and get ready to join in on your weekly training, listen to meaningful conversations and learn from industry experts.

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