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10 Prickly Truths About Being a Self Employed Entrepreneur

Mar 12, 2017

1. You will work more hours. You originally made the decision to “work for yourself” because you wanted the freedom to work less. You won’t, at all. But here’s the thing, you’ll work more hours happily because you would rather spend more hours working on your own thing than fewer hours working on someone else’s thing.

2. Your laundry will become a hysterical mix of bed pants, cotton t-shirts and spandex. You will actually get semi excited about the days that you will have a meeting, in public, because you get to wash your hair and put on real pants.

3. The thought of working for someone else will be terrifying and desirable all at the same time. You suddenly imagine yourself switching places with the grocery cashier because the steady paycheque and lowered responsibility seems temporarily desirable.

4. You will want to quit, at least once, maybe even once a week. Somewhere along the way, you will question everything. Your decision to leave your previous career, your goals, your dreams. You will cry into a glass of wine in front of your closest friends before you realise you were just having a bad day and you love everything about what you do.

5. Dry shampoo will become a household staple. The frequency of hair washing will become inversely proportional to the number of times you plan to leave your home office.

6. Office parties will become something of your distant past. As will, ‘vacation days,’ water cooler chats and holiday parties, but you don’t mind because you can take a day or afternoon or week off whenever you please. Work will always still be there for you when your break is over.

7. Explaining your job title to others will become a run on sentence. It used to be so simple, “I’m an Occupational Therapist,” but now your explanation needs to encompas your accomplishments, origins, hopes, dreams and elevator pitch.

8. You’ll work at least one day from your bed or your sofa just because you can. It’s the little things that make your day more exciting. It’s the little freedoms that make you happy.

9. Social media will become your best friend and worst time-sucking enemy. You want to complain about it, the negative posts, the great posts that suck you in and eat an hour of your day… but you can’t, because it is an essential part of how you earn your living.

10. You are unafraid and proud of it. You are a fortunate one. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to go for it. You are not afraid to take a chance and follow your dreams. Many people only wish they had your drive and courage. You are an inspiration.

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