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Katherine and Caleb – Saint John Wedding

Aug 2, 2017

There are a few lesser known things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. Sure, you should like their portfolio, that’s the obvious one, but it is definitely not the only consideration. Below I will list four more equally important things for you to think about:

1. You should choose someone that you feel 100% comfortable with. You will be sharing your most intimate moments with your camera [wo]man. On your day, you will spend more time with the camera holder than you will with your new spouse, and they will likely see you in your undies before getting those wonderful shots of you getting into your gown. They will be there when your mother, father and your new spouse sees you for the first time.

2. Your wedding photographer should be someone who loves shooting weddings! Sharing the same romantic vision of your special day as you do is key to creating beautiful imagery.

3. Choose someone who is experienced with weddings, because let’s face it – chances are, you are not. Your photographer should have a pulse on the wedding day. They should know when is the perfect time to bustle your gown, how to manage timelines, how to command a crowd for group shots, when to step back and how to pin on boutonnières!

4. You should hire someone that you trust. Believe me, your wedding day will fly by. Honestly, it’ll be here and gone in the blink of an eye. So remember, after the cake has been eaten, the band packed up, the guests have gone and the dress has been hung, your wedding photos are the only thing that remains.

Being a wedding photographer is a lot of things! It’s popping corks, it’s late night dance parties and cake on the weekends but it’s also working long hours, dealing with the unexpected and often working under strict timelines and stress. You will want someone you are confident can handle it all so that you can focus on what is most important to you.

…and it’s couples like Katherine and Caleb that make me want to do it over and over and over again!!

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  1. Sherry Brown

    August 3rd, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Gorgeous kelly!

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