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Chatting with a kindred spirit, Jenny Irving

Jan 15, 2018

From the moment I met Jenny ten years ago, I knew we were kindred spirits. I mean, she loves living in Saint John new Brunswick, she has a special place in her heart for all things furry and an obvious passion for photography. Her romance with her surroundings: her world and the people and things in it are all things I strongly relate to.

Fast forward a few years and I had the privilege of photographing her wedding, not much later she photographed my newborn, and we became Moms of boys at around the same time. Currently, we get to work together as photographers for The Maritime Edit and I have to say that taking these photos of Jenny and her latest project “Wild We Roam” is a continuation of a dear relationship.

So, I asked Jenny a few questions, and she answered to include some solid photography advice below:

When you were starting out as a photographer, what one thing do you wish you could have told yourself?

Never second guess your gut feeling.

Why is this photo project “Wild We Roam” particularly special to you?

“Wild We Roam” was born from a love for wild horses. The series will focus on photographing herds of wild horses around the world.

What compelled/inspired you to take the leap and do this photo project?

I’ve always gravitated towards animals, especially horses. The idea of this series just kept coming back to me and then one thing led to another. I started researching wild horses and found that each herd had such a fascinating story to tell. There are 18 unique herds of wild horses around the world within 14 different countries. I plan to visit and photograph each one over the next 4-5 years.

What do you love shooting most?

Mother nature

What was it like doing the cover shoot for The Maritime Edit?

The Maritime Edit team is incredible so it was an absolute dream to collaborate with them to create this cover. We photographed Fernanda Escobedo at Cape Spenser during sunset. The day of the shoot was extremely windy and we were on a massive cliff with the pounding surf below. We had a very short window to get the perfect shot so it was definitely exhilarating!

What three basic tips do you have to give others for taking better photos? (of wildlife? of fashion?)

Tip 1. Find a prime lens and shoot with it all the time. One of the first lenses I bought was an 85mm and I got to know it like the back of my hand. I feel like really understanding each piece of equipment I use gives me the confidence in my ability to create a beautiful photograph.
Tip 2. Keep learning. I do online tutorials almost every day. There’s always something inspiring to learn and practice. I love CreativeLive and Lynda.
Tip 3. Be true to you. If you can find a subject that you love to photograph, that passion will come out in your images!

Big hairy 2018 goals?

One of my goals is to have my little boys, Henry & Hector join me on some of my photo journeys. My husband David and I love to travel but adding two little kids to the mix will be a whole new ballgame! I’m looking forward to it!
Thank you, Jenny!
See more of Jenny’s work here

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