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VIDEO: Tips for Winter Shooting

Feb 9, 2018

For those of you braving the frigidity this winter, here are a few tips for taking better photos during outdoor winter shooting so you won’t have to learn anything the hard way!

1. Cold batteries drain faster

It is true, a cold battery will drain faster than a room temperature battery. Make sure you pack extra batteries and to keep them warmer, consider keeping them close to your body, like in your pants pocket, rather than in your camera bag.

2. Snow reflects light and casts blue

Snow is beautiful and to the naked eye, it is pure white. According to the camera, not so neutral. Be sure to adjust your white balance accordingly, or warm things up a touch in post processing, and be mindful of light bouncing.

3. You’re probably gonna shake

You might not even notice it, but when you’re cold you’ll shake and vibrate a little more. You might want to consider bumping up your shutter speed, and/or bring along a tripod to steady your camera and avoid any unexpected blur from camera shake.

I hope you find these tips helpful for shooting this winter! Be sure to check out my freebies for photographers for more helpful resources!

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