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Featured: The Maritime Edit

Mar 15, 2018

kelly lawson cover photographer

I was like a kid on Christmas morning when the latest issue of The Maritime Edit had arrived in our mailbox. I couldn’t wait to get home and read that thing from start to finish. This magazine is an incredible resource for east coast Canadians and fans of the east coast of Canada. Inside you’ll see a beautiful display of hidden secrets: places to visit, things to see, people to know, inspiration, and filling each page to the brim with east coast Canadian goodness (and no, you won’t see pages full of lighthouses, Adirondack chairs, fish and lobsters, we have been over that for a while now). Instead, this publication highlights the discreet luxury of living big in small towns and cities, specifically those across the east coast of Canada. This was the third issue in a row that my photos landed on their amazing pages and I couldn’t be more thrilled that they chose my photo of Dennis Prescott for their cover image and inside a full 4 page spread, as well as the residence section which contains 3 full pages of glorious interior photos as prepared by one of my all-time favourite humans, Sarah Hominick.

(Also, if Jenny’s fashion photos in this issue don’t make your jaw drop, I’m not sure what will.)

kelly lawson editorial photographer

For photographers, seeing your images in print publication is like giving them a life of their own. It’s seeing a beautiful compilation of moments laid out with editorial eyes and looking ever so pristine. It is an exhilarating experience that can never become tiresome and something that most people probably wouldn’t understand. It’s overwhelming in the best possible way. kelly lawson canadian photographer


I am so thankful for the strong support The Maritime Edit and their team has offered me as a photographer, and also as a fashion retailer. Their continued support has been pivotal in my success and for that, I am beyond grateful. Having my photo on the cover of a refined publication such as this one is definitely a high point in my career.

Thank you, thank you to The Maritime Edit team (James, Pam, Lindsay) for featuring my work. It is such an honor to be included in such a wonderful publication and to showcase such wonderful humans of the east coast of Canada.

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