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It’s My Birthday

Mar 13, 2018

kelly lawson photographerIt’s my birthday today. And while it seems like each year they come faster and faster, I feel more and more love and gratitude with each passing year.

Every year on my birthday I sit and reflect. When I think back on my 38th trip around the sun, it was a true catalyst towards what’s next. It stopped me in my tracks at times, but it forced me to look at what is most important.

Life is not really a thing you can plan.

I used to think life was a thing that you planned, but now I’ve loosened my grip on these kinds of expectations and started listening to my gut more (we Pisceans are very intuitive you know). You see, you can make plans all you like, and sometimes they will pan out, but more often than that, the universe will have the final say.

A life of constant hustle is not a badge of honour.

I have also let go of control, striving for balance instead of being in a constant place of hustle. Being present for my family and myself trumps everything else. This year I pursued working at a pace I could sustain. I launched an online course, I photographed a handful of weddings, I kept a retail business afloat, yet I took more time off than I ever have before, I hired amazing people to help me do all of the things, and I celebrated life with the people I love. 

You are who you surround yourself with.

I am grateful for the beautiful humans in my circles: the people I work with, family, friends, customers. People I admire from afar who don’t even know I exist. I know I wouldn’t be half the human I am today without any of them, their love, support, inspiration, and influence. I love you all so deeply.

Growing older is a privilege rather than something to complain about.

I know that growing older is a privilege. Seeing the tragedy all around me is a constant reminder that living a full life, celebrating another year of good health, and anticipating the year ahead is not something to ever be taken for granted. 

The older I get, the more grateful I feel.
Here’s to 38!!!

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