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Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

May 14, 2018

kelly lawson mommy blogger

Motherhood is hard. It’s definitely the hardest job I’ve ever had. From the very beginning, it was intensely painful, physically demanding, emotionally and mentally exhausting.

You trade in the body and the freedom that you once had for stretch marks and a strict schedule. You kiss a simple shower and going to the bathroom alone goodbye, and a clean house quickly becomes a distant memory.

Your boobs deflate, your hair falls out, and you don’t really sleep for about five years.
You make the decision to forever leave your heart to dangle outside of your body, you introduce into your life someone you love more than you ever thought was possible, and the crazy part is you wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again if given the choice.

Because they are part of us.

We are the ones they run to when they’re hurt, we are the ones they ask to snuggle with at night, we are the ones they wait for at the end of the workday and we are the ones they say ‘I love you’ to.

In these early years, we are their whole world.

And despite the frustration and fatigue, we know that with each passing day, all these things ever-so-gradually slip away and we would do anything to slow time down.

It’s amazing that you don’t really know how to appreciate your own mom until you become one yourself. But that doesn’t matter, because motherhood isn’t just beautiful because you are loved, it’s beautiful because by loving them in the unconditional way that you do, you’re contributing something super important to the world each and every day.

For the moms who have loved us and taught us to love ourselves, for the moms who we are striving to become, for the moms who are wishing and waiting for their babies to come, to the moms of fur babies, the stepmoms, the grandmoms, and the moms we’ve had to let go, to the moms who took us as their own and to the moms with babies in heaven – today is for all of us.

Happy Mothers Day to you all.

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