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Settings overload: How do I use the settings on my DSLR Camera?

Dec 12, 2018

The day I got my first fancy camera was kind of like the day my son was born. All of a sudden I had this small, precious, complicated item I’d deeply yearned for in my hands.

So exciting. And so freakin’ terrifying.

What the HECK do I do with this thing?

At least the camera came with instructions, even if they did seem to be in a foreign language. F-stop? ISO? Say whaaa? But babies got a serious edge over cameras: you can’t stash them away when they get overwhelming. Babies need attention STAT. Cameras? Well, take it from me, they can be ignored.

Maybe you know my story. How I was so freaked out by my first fancy camera, so overwhelmed by its seemingly complicated settings, so bummed about my early shots,  I stashed it in my closet for two years.

TWO years. Wasted.

My friends, I don’t want you to sacrifice another precious moment ignoring your scary fancy camera or taking bad pictures. You, my dears, could be snapping GOLD.

It’s a waste of your camera. But more importantly, of your talent.

Guys, I get it. All those camera menus and settings and dials and buttons are overwhelming. The terminology is new and strange and totes overwhelming.

But here’s the thing: if I can do it, so can you.

I’ve made this lil’ cheat sheet (DSLR camera settings cheat sheet) for you. Take it to photoshoots until you get the hang of what the settings are. Keep it handy. Pull it up on your phone when you’re heading out to shoot. Think of it as having me in your back pocket whenever you get stuck. That pain in your ass? Ha, that’s me!manual photography cheatsheet kelly lawson photography

And remember, you might not get the hang of it overnight. It takes time and care and patience. Believe me, I know. So go easy on your gorgeous self. And if you’re ready to take things to the next level, come on down to my beginner photography course. I’ll demystify this crazy little machine called a camera.

Let THIS be the year you document your life, your kids, your sweet dog, your house, your outfits or even your lunch – like a BOSS. You can do it. And I’d love nothing more than to teach you how.

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