Hello friend, I'm Kelly and I am so happy you are here! I abandoned my career as an OT to pick up a camera and follow my heart. I love the east coast and am fuelled by coffee, pizza and red wine. I am a wife, a mom and a lover of rescue mutts. I go adventuring in the summer and I hibernate in the winter. I blog about photography, business and all things inspirational.





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There are all kinds of triangles. Love triangles. The Bermuda Triangle. Plain old high school geometry. Why do triangles seem so difficult, if not downright dangerous? If you want to master your fancy camera – and I know you do – there’s one more tricky triangle you’ve gotta master. Allow me to introduce the exposure […]

Digital cameras are kind of like mothers: they LOVE to make decisions for us. Pop that puppy into AUTO and it will take care of all those pesky settings that are so scary to newbie photogs. And, hey, your photos will be, well, fine. Sure, you’ll get decent contrast. Passable exposure. A uniform depth of field. […]