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You are a creative genius, just waiting to break out

Feb 11, 2019

In 2010, I walked away from the career I’d worked towards for 11 years. After 7 years of university, two science degrees and 4 years practicing occupational therapy, I quit. 

I left healthcare to follow my heart. 

I was going to be a photographer.
Or die trying. 

I bought a fancy camera on eBay the same year I married the man of my dreams – the guy who reminds me daily life is too short to not do what you love. 

He was – is – so right. 

Fast forward a few years.

I’m living the dream – literally. I’m making a living as a professional photographer. I’ve done thousands of commercial shoots. Shot over a hundred of weddings. My work’s been published in numerous magazines. I’m not gonna lie. It’s a shit-ton of work. There are days of endless editing in sweatpants that are anything but glamorous. 

But they are part of doing what I love so, in a perverse way, I love them, too. 

Why did it take so long to make the leap, you ask?

Good question.

I did well in school, so a career in the sciences seemed a sensible path. But you know what? It didn’t set me on fire. Like, at all. What does excite me is writing, design, entrepreneurship. And, of course, photography. 

My first fancy camera was a way to indulge that dormant visual, artistic side I’d neglected for 7 years of studies. 

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So when I hear you say, “I’m just not creative,” it pains me. When you go, “Oh, I’m not a visual person,” I respectfully disagree. When you’re all, “I could never leave my job,” I call bullshit. 

You are. You can. You just haven’t let yourself believe it yet. 

You’ve been listening to others who think you’re batshit crazy for wanting to be creative. And you’ve been giving waaay too much airtime to that evil little voice saying you suck or that you should follow the practical path or that, just because you’re good at something, even if you don’t really like it, that should be your career. 

Silence that voice. Listen to your heart. Then follow it. 

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