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Do you want to give up on photography?

Apr 27, 2019


If you’re thinking about giving up, don’t.

I’m sorry you’re so darn frustrated. Believe me, I know what that can be like, and I wish I could crawl through this computer and give you a big ol’ hug.

You’re talented and I know that you’re eager to learn. I want you to know that every little bit of practice adds up, and even when it feels like you aren’t making any progress, you are! And, I completely understand if it feels like your progress is slow as cold molasses. I get it. Totally.

When I first started with photography, it felt like I was learning at a snail’s pace. But in hindsight, each time I took a photo I was growing and changing and learning and honing my photographic style. I really just needed more time to learn and to practice  (and by the way, no, you can never get too much of that).

If you’re finding yourself in this discouraging rut of no time and no return, please don’t give up! Instead, read on for a few ways to get up and out!

1. Ask local photographers if you can second shoot with them

Offer to hold their camera bag, or umbrella or coffee. Hanging out behind the scenes of a photoshoot can be incredibly inspiring and educational. While the main photographer is posing the photo subjects, ask if it’s alright to take the opportunity to take a few (non-intrusive) of your own photos.

2. Ask for feedback and a critique

Don’t be afraid to let those who are familiar with the entire body of your work critique you so you can grow. Sure, it’s uncomfortable to hear what you’re doing wrong or how you need to improve, but that’s the best way to learn. Remember, if you use the hashtag #kellyworkshop – I am here for you too!

3. Get inspired

Take some time over your morning coffee to research other photographers online. Take note of whose style you love and zero in on what it is that you love about their style, then set out to achieve it. To this day, I have about 3-4 photographers whose work I study daily.

4. Join a photography group

There are local chapters of photographers who organize meetups, photo walking tours, and educational sessions. Most welcome every level of photographer from beginner to pro. If you’re not feeling the physical interaction, there are SO MANY free groups on Facebook filled with valuable information. Be sure to get involved and once you’ve made a few friends, put your work up for a critique. This may be SO hard to do, but it’s an extraordinary way to flourish.

Once you connect with photography peers, then you’ll have distinct ways to grow and learn. It’s just a matter of time before you get over the hump and the ball gets rolling. Promise.

Keep Shooting,

Kelly xo

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