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How to style your photographs like a pro

Apr 26, 2019

Whether you wanna snap a stylish pic of your birthday brunch, make a spontaneous portrait of your cute kids, or shoot some on-brand pics to promote your business, it’s all gotta capture, well, you. 

Yes, you!

Along with all the camera settings you can use to get the look you love, there are lots of things you can arrange outside of the camera, too, to get an awesome shot and express your unique style. 

Think on this: style is a noun AND a verb. 

My last post explored your personal photographic style. Not to get all grammatical on your ass, but that’s style the noun. It’s the sum of all those elements like subject matter, lighting, shooting angle, cropping and colour that evolves over time. It’s what marks those beautiful shots as uniquely yours.

In today’s post, we’re gonna look at style the verb. It’s the things you can do outside the camera to express your wonderful self. Styling is simply arranging the shot to evoke emotion. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but a stylin’ photo tells a story. 

Here are a few tips to get you started: 

1. Less is more

Fashion icon Coco Chanel famously advised us to take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Do the same for your photos. Think of the shot as a story: does every item, every element have a place in it? If not, it gets the boot.


2. You need a hero

Choose a central subject, be it person or object, and let it shine. Make sure everything else supports it, rather than competing for attention. It will make a stronger image because your viewer will naturally know what to look at. 

3. Play

Things that feel cheesy or awkward in real life look totally normcore in a photo. I don’t tend to swan about with my chin cupped in my open hands, but it’s one of my favourite poses. Don’t be shy about exploring what looks good in pictures. (Pro tip: mimosas are excellent anti-inhibitors).

4. Back it up

Your background goes a long way in setting the mood and supporting your star subject. Think complement and contrast, not compete. Experiment with fabric, plain white board, wood, bricks and more.

Kelly Lawson New Brunswick

5. Colour your world

A cohesive color palette make you look like a pro, and up your brand recognition, even if it’s your personal brand.  

6. Prop it up

Use supporting items to build the story. That birthday brunch shot? How about a champagne cork to signal celebration. Great. Now I REALLY want a mimosa.

So, friends, get on out there and start styling up a storm. Grab my photo styling tipsheet to get you started. And if you’re mixing up mimosas, you know who to call.

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