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How to Choose a Name for your Photography Business

Oct 29, 2019

You’ve decided to start your tog biz but you need to figure out a name for it. That’s where I come in to help. Now you may be searching for the perfect name for your business, scratching your brain for the right one, let me tell you that it may take some time but you’ll get there.

I want you to take a deep breath and brainstorm. Write down anything that comes to mind. Anything and everything. There are no wrong answers in a brainstorm.

When you’re thinking during your brainstorm keep in mind that there are a lot of generic names, you’re going to want to do something bolder, something that makes your business stand out against the others.

While thinking of the name for your business there are a few things to keep in mind;

Keep it Simple

Keeping your name simple is key when you want people to remember your business. Try not to make it too complicated for people to remember. Keep it short and sweet. This will help when people tell others about it later.

Make it Memorable

You’re going to want to make it something that people are going to remember easily when you tell them about it. Make it something that is simple to remember and easy to say when bringing it up in a conversation. You also want to make it memorable enough that it stands out against the other brands and businesses.

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Make it Easy to Pronounce

I know that this might seem obvious, but making sure that your business name is easy to pronounce makes it easy for people to tell others about your business and get you more clients. You are definitely going to want to make sure that people can talk about your business without struggling to say it correctly.

Stay Classic

By choosing a classic name you not only make it all the things I’ve already mentioned but it will also position you and your services as professional. Classic things also tend to stand the test of time, so sticking with the classic choice will save you from needing to tweak or rebrand in the future.

Set Yourself Apart

It’s important not to pick a name that has been done before and so many people already have. You don’t want your business to be mistaken for someone else’s. Be sure to test your potential names with a quick google search to be sure that you aren’t up against someone with the same or similar name.

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