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Five Apps I Can’t Live Without

Nov 12, 2019

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I love this app, it helps me feel on top of my Instagram game and allows me to be thoughtful and intentional about my plan for the week or the month. Basically, you can create a little “library” of images, type in captions, make lists of hashtags and have them all live in a central spot.

It’s been awesome because when I sit down and plan out an entire week of posts, I’m spending way less time trying to get past writer’s block or wondering what I should post next. It helps me to see the big picture on Instagram and allows me to be intentional, strategic, and have fun with it all without the pressure of posting in real time. They also have awesome analytics and let you know when to post, what hashtags are moving the needle the most, and what your top recent posts have been, and no, it doesn’t mess with the coveted insta algorithm.

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Headspace walks you through learning how to do your own guided meditation: consider it meditation for dummies and sends you reminders to meditate.

I love the way it breaks it down for you and helps guide you through learning what meditation is, learning how to honor your thoughts, and see where to give power to the way you’re thinking and when to let things go that are no longer serving you.

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Not a day goes past that I don’t use this app. It is native to New Brunswick and available in many other cities. Depending on where you live, you would likely have your own version of this. It is an app that allows you to pay for your parking, top up without having to physically go to the meter, park for friends or if you are a business owner, your customers, and best of all, it saves you from getting parking tickets if your meter runs out and you forgot to top up!Image result for pocketcast app


I seriously LOVE podcasts and use that app just about every day to keep learning, to be inspired, to laugh a little, or grow. I subscribe to a few shows I can’t miss each week and then carve out time to tune in, whether it’s while I’m in the shower (no shame), or cleaning the house. It’s such a powerful way to tune in, get stuff done, and learn.Image result for google apps


Ok so this is more than one, but my entire work-life exists on google apps. I use google drive for file storage and sharing and therefore everything I need access to at any given time is in the cloud and accessible from anywhere using any device. Photo files? You got it. Forms and PDF’s? They’re there too. Word documents such as blog post drafts? Yep, those too! I also use Google Calendar and it is shared with everyone and anyone who needs access to my schedule, and with the app, I also access that on the go as well. And the best part, if I lose, drop or break a device (smartphone or laptop), everything is backed up.

There you go! My 5 apps that I can’t live without! I hope that you can go forth and rock your phone with intention. If you want to see what 5 apps I swear by to uplevel your photography game, click here.

From social media strategy to workforce productivity all the way to meditation, these apps are absolutely crucial to my day to day life.

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