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Hello friend, I'm Kelly and I am so happy you are here! I abandoned my career as an OT to pick up a camera and follow my heart. I love the east coast and am fuelled by coffee, pizza and red wine. I am a wife, a mom and a lover of rescue mutts. I go adventuring in the summer and I hibernate in the winter. I blog about photography, business and all things inspirational.





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If someone shone a light in your face in the middle of the night and asked you, “What do you want to photograph the most?!” What would you say? Ok, after a few select four letter swearwords, what would you say? I would say, “WOMEN!” I love to photograph women. I love all things feminine: curved […]

I am lucky. I get to immortalize some of the most beautiful moments in my clients’ lives. I get to be the proverbial fly on the wall during their most significant occasions. They trust me to capture the moments; the details, the emotions, the little things that they may not have noticed and the big […]

It’s been a really long time since I’ve blogged my work. I have always struggled with deciding what words to best accompany my images with. I’ve always felt a bit strange about just throwing images on the page and expecting that to be of value to any audience. As a result, I put myself under […]

Headshots aren’t just for actors anymore. A headshot (or professional portrait) is the way you present yourself to the world, potential employers, clients, friends and family, and beyond. Since the rise of social media, audiences are vast and your headshot is the first impression you give to the people that find you online. If you […]