Failure to Launch: Stop holding yourself back from the life you want

My friends, I want to do you a solid, and save you a whole lotta time and pain with your fancy camera.  

Seven years ago I took the plunge. I told my corporate healthcare employer to take that job and shove it. (Actually, I had a totally polite conversation with my lovely boss, but that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic). 


People thought I was totally cray-cray for walking away from job security, a salary, and benefits to chase a dream in an industry I had no experience or education in. 

kelly lawson photographer

They weren’t all wrong. The learning curve was steep. Like, streets of San Francisco steep. Even now that I’ve got my commercial photography practice humming, there are weeks when the beautiful simplicity of the 9-to-5 beckons.  

But the feeling quickly passes. I’m built to be my own boss, to make things, to be creative every single day. I left my day job for a reason. And I’ve never really looked back. 

So to my fellow dream chasers! If I can do it with a $600 eBay camera, so can YOU.

Don’t let the fancy camera distract you. This isn’t just about taking better pictures. It’s about having a life and a hobby and work you love. It’s about wanting to capture and share the beauty and fun and interesting shit all around us. It’s about fully BEING in this crazy world. 

Maybe you’re ready to start charging for those gorgeous shots you’ve been giving away? Maybe you’re ready to turn your photography side-hustle into a full-time gig? YES and YES. 

I can help you get there. 

So, what would you be doing if you knew you wouldn’t fail? What are you dreaming of but too afraid to say out loud? What in this life makes you feel most alive? What dream lives on the other side of your fears?

If you wake up and aren’t excited about what you’re going to do for too many days in a row, it’s time to take a risk and make a change. I’ll just be over here cheering you on and celebrating the craziness of it all. Because I’ve never been one to conform. Something tells me you aren’t, either.