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003: It Starts with Self-Love. Learn How to Radically Love Your Body Here.

Guest Amanda Hanson: Personal Stylist and Educator

Have you ever met someone and you just immediately thought – this is someone who I connect with? Like you just immediately know: I want this person in my life, and we are going to be friends for a long long time? That was how I felt when I first met Amanda. I was photographing her wedding actually, and I realised, this woman is a thinker, she shows up unapologetically, and she innately wants to help lift up the people around her. And, I learned since then, that our stories are actually very similar. 

If confidence is something you struggle to find within yourself, I want you to settle in for this episode and hear Amanda’s advice for digging into your soul and uncovering the confidence that lies within you. I truly wish for every woman to hear her message and learn about the steps that need to be taken, and the work that needs to be done to radically love the skin that you are in. Not the someday skin, not the goal body, but to start loving who you are right now, today, so that you can show up in the world with your full potential. She is one of my most favorite people to talk to and I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

>> To download Amanda’s Free Workbook that accompanies this episode: 5 Ways to Radically Love Your Body click here <<

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