005: Here’s How to Successfully Launch the Business of Your Dreams.

Guest Renee Warren: Author, Educator and Entrepreneur

Do you have a great business idea and just don’t know where to start, or maybe you have already launched your business, but you need help standing out in a noisy space? If either of these scenarios sound like you, listen up, because today I am talking to entrepreneur extraordinaire, Renée Warren. 

Renée is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and public speaker who now helps women launch and grow the businesses of their dreams through her company, We Wild Women. Today, I’m picking Renée’s brain for her best advice for first-time entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses in this crazy world we live in.

Check out a summary of Renée’s tips below and listen to the podcast for her in-depth advice and anecdotes!

Customer and market validation are super important

You have to construct who your ideal customer is and then structure EVERYTHING you do around serving that ideal individual. Reach out and interview five or ten people with open, non-leading questions related to the main goal of your business to help you understand the core problem of your customer.

You have to take risks and learn to deal with criticism

A good network is critical to building a business. You have to surround yourself with knowledgeable people that build you up, but also aren’t afraid to tell you when you may be going a bit off course. Make sure to always take risks and always provide value when you do.

The right mindset is THE most important thing when you are starting a business

The most successful CEOs are those that are calm in a crisis and have some sort of meditative practice. Meditating doesn’t have to mean sitting quietly with your legs crossed for an hour; it’s anything that calms you down and resets your mind. 

Ideal Client Discovery and Customer Validation Workbook from Episode 004


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