How to Know if Your Product Photos Are Holding You Back

“Sure you love a good DIY, but your business probably shouldn’t look like one.”

A common question I get asked is this: how do I know if my product photos are effective?

First Impressions Matter

People who know you, your products and your business don’t necessarily need to be impressed by your photos, but new customers do. In order to reach new people, new audiences and new customers, you need to become a master of first impressions.

And the first step in doing this is to understand what your prospective customers care about. What do they care to see? What catches their eye? What stops their scroll? What would be memorable and meaningful to them? What will appeal to their emotions?

Quality Matters too. The overall quality of your photos can, inadvertently or not, reflect the quality of everything else you are doing in your business.

Measure Your Results

The best way to know if your product photography is effective is to ask yourself:

  • Is your business growing? As in, are your sales growing?
  • Is your online reach growing?
  • Is your audience and traction on social media growing?

Reaching New Customers

When you know how to reach your customer, as in, what resonates with them, it’s much easier than you probably think to take the kind of photos that will pull them in to you, to leverage your visual assets to get the kind of results that will actually grow your business.

So, that’s how you’ll know if your product photos are effective or not. Stop hesitating and get started today on taking website worthy product photos!