It’s time For You to Conquer Your Inner Mean Girl

kelly lawson saint john new brunswick

I started mean talking to myself again this week.
You know, that ruthless little voice inside that tells you that you need to lose the roll of fat, it tells you your work is crap, it tells you that you aren’t doing enough with your life, it tells you to smarten up and be better at basically everything you are doing in your life?

That one.

The thing is, she’s always there, and, when I am having a great day it is because she is drowned out by the sounds of my inner peace and contentment. But then, once in awhile, when my guard is down, I turn my attention away and I accidentally let her back in.
I debated for a long time if I would talk about this here. And then she pops in again to tell me reasons why talking about this will humiliate me, be shameful and unnecessary. But I decided to ignore that too because talking about it might help you, and because, why the heck NOT talk about it?

I want to talk about it because I know you probably have that inner mean-girl voice too. I bet she stops you in your tracks, hits you while you’re down and when you finally begin to pick up the pieces from your shattered mind, you’re not sure what to do next, how to begin to mend yourself or how to stop it from happening again.

That’s because you are a real life, living, breathing, imperfect human just like every other human that surrounds your world or fills your social media feed, by the way.

We talk about relationships all the time but rarely do we talk about the most important relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves.

We need to spend our days strengthening our sense of love and respect for ourselves and talking about what to do if you find yourself in a deep pit of self-doubt like I did.
Think of it as your roadmap for conquering your inner mean girl and living your best life.

Below is something that I refer to from time to time, thanks to a gal named Melissa Ambrosini, I now call it my self-care menu. The items on this list can be completed in 30 minutes or less and cost little to no money and most importantly, THEY WORK.

I hope you will find it useful and that the next time you feel that mean girl creeping in, you will pull this out and shut. her. down!

Grab it below.

kelly lawson saint john new brunswick