Maritime Vacation: FUNDY TRAIL + ALMA New Brunswick – 6 Reasons to Take this Family Weekend Getaway

Fundy National Park Family Weekened Getaway

You don’t need to travel far on the east coast of Canada to experience a top-notch family weekend getaway. If you live here. it is a great way to fall in love with your homeland all over again. If you are from away, you are in for an absolute treat as you discover the lesser known gems that the east coast of Canada has tucked away. We east coasters don’t mean to keep all these secrets to ourselves, I swear! I think most of us forget to acknowledge the endless adventures that surround us, I’ll be the first to admit how much we take this beauty for granted.

In an effort to be a more adventurous family, I have set out to discover these lesser known family weekend getaway opportunities, and because you might be reading this, from wherever you are, thinking you should really be doing the same with your family, well then you are in the right place. I will happily share our family adventures to inspire you to get out a little more too. I find the hardest part is to think of the place, and then pick up the phone and book it! or in other cases, just put it in the calendar, pack up the car – and go!

1. Go Zen with Nature’s Sound and Aromatherapy

There are endless trails inside of Fundy Park. As you enter, stop at the little booth on the side of the trail at the entrance and you will be given a pamphlet with a map, and each trail is denoted as “easy” “intermediate” or “difficult.” There are trails for every level of nature enthusiast. While you are there, take a moment to breathe the fresh air and listen to the sounds that surround you.

2. You’ll be so Impressed with Local Brew and Catch of the Day

There are so many restaurants to choose from once inside the cutest little town of Alma, New Brunswick, including a brewpub inside what used to be a church (so cool!), a local winery with the sweetest owners, lobster rolls galore, and fresh seafood prepared to perfection (at least ours was)! We chose to enjoy a local brew with the freshest seafood at Tipsy Tails Restaurant including seafood chowder, lobster poutine and fish tacos YUM!

3. There are Chalets for Days (Campsites, Motels and Yurts too!)

We opted to take a day trip, so we didn’t stay the night. When we called the National Park Hotline to book an oTentik (a cross between a tent and a cabin), we were faced with a cringe-worthy response: “bookings must happen with at least 48 hours notice” (despite vacancies). There are also plenty of private places to book as well, who will probably take your money with no ridiculous restrictions. Luckily, we live close enough that staying overnight wasn’t crucial, so we made it a day trip instead.

4. It is Scenic AF

I believe you would be hard pressed to find family vacation with as much breathtaking scenery like this one. I may be biased, but Canada’s east coast shoreline has some of the most beautiful rock cliffs, tree lines and sandy beaches I’ve ever seen.

Alma New Brunswick Family Weekend Getaway

5. You’ll Get Plenty of Exercise (Disguised as Family Fun!)

One of the best-hidden perks of this trip was the amount of exercise everyone got. There are trails for every level of skill and mobility. It could be a workout, a romantic stroll or you can feel great knowing that the kids will have endless fun as they get some great exercise exploring the many hiking trails. There are trails labeled difficult with climbing components and also trails that are short and sweet, wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Fundy National Park Hiking Trails Canada

6. Family, Groups and Couples Friendly Vacation Choice

If you are planning to go as a couple, as a group of friends, or as a family, this vacation choice will not disappoint you. There is truly something for everyone: teenagers, toddlers and seniors alike!

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