What Do You Struggle With in Your Business?

Kelly Lawson New BrunswickSome days I can’t believe what I’ve done. Seven years ago I quit my corporate healthcare career to dive into entrepreneur life. Heck yes, it was crazy and scary and definitely turbulent. But today as I sit here working barefoot in stretch pants on my sofa, I can’t imagine my life being any different. I am exactly where I want to be and working how I want to work.⠀⠀⠀⠀

At the beginning of this year I set out on a mission: to empower fellow entrepreneurs to lead profitable, authentic, and awesome businesses. In the process, I have had the honour of leading startup workshops and behind the scenes, I’ve been creating my own online marketing course. It’s been the most humbling, terrifying, and exciting project I’ve ever taken on and I am super excited to announce (soon) this new offering, including a mini-course, and some FREEBIES that will be coming your way.

I want to help you!⠀⠀

Tell me what things you struggle within your business (photography or otherwise) by taking a second to comment about it below, okay?⠀