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The Workshop Weekly Podcast is a show where no dream is too big. Around here, we believe that taking imperfect action rules, so we’re creating space for you to dive in and fast track your success, one workshop at a time. Now, refill your coffee cup, grab your notebook and get ready to join in on your weekly training, listen to meaningful conversations and learn from industry experts. 

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Rick Magennis has been an affiliate marketing guru for nearly a decade, with most of that time managing affiliate programs for other brands. He believes in growing sales the right way for his clients. And Rick is the president and founder of Bearcat Media Media an affiliate marketing agency. They’re all about driving the right results for each client. He has recently run a whole event dedicated to affiliate management best practices for brands called affiliate management Expo.

With the rise of the Internet and the boom of social media as a marketing platform. We are bombarded with messages every single day. These messages and the tactics used to push them can be expertly crafted, and based on psychology to target people in unethical ways, often exploiting vulnerabilities. And I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sit well with me. Today’s guest Shannon Droeske, has spent nearly 15 years in the marketing industry, she is on a mission to create a more ethical and inclusive online business culture. And she refuses to engage in tired sales and marketing strategies devised by the good old boys, and is committed to cultivating new paths that raise the standard of what it means to do business as usual.

Amy Lafko, is here to offer her best tips and tricks to make the move to hire, and help business owners and leaders dedicate their time where it is most needed. Amy brings the secrets of the People 1st Paradigm to companies everywhere. Working with clients to transform their organisation and their leadership, Amy’s mission is to shift the way owners and leaders view the lifecycle of their employees.

Katie is the founder of KW Content, global content and social media marketing agency that develops and launches content and social media programs for purpose-driven brands. Her newest project is called Strong Brand Social and they provide social media marketing education that empowers small brands to develop their own high-performing marketing programs that are guaranteed to drive growth.

Today’s guest here is to take the pressure out of sales and build a sales process that converts consistently without feeling salesy. Dr. Nadia Brown is a sales strategist, consultant, trainer, and founder of The Doyenne Agency. She works with business owners, companies, and corporations sales teams using the Consistent Sales Method™ and is the author of the book Selling Like a Lady: Courage Diary book.

Today’s guest, Doris Fullgrabe, is a Myers-Briggs®Master Practitioner, an accredited coach, and licensed to facilitate a number of other psychological type models. After 10 years in leadership development and preparing expat couples for their international assignments, she now works with individuals, business owners, and couples who want to feel more connected to themselves and each other.

Today’s guest, Connie Vanderzanden, is on a mission to help entrepreneurs live the lifestyles they desire by learning the simple steps, structure, and discipline to create and save money. With 34 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, a variety of industry knowledge, and her own real-life business growth journey since 2001, Connie developed the Going Beyond Revenue Cash Handling System, focusing on cash flow planning that creates profitable and sustainable businesses.

Mylène Després turned her professional life upside down in pursuit of making a bigger community impact, and founded La Station in order to support entrepreneurs by sharing her knowledge and connections. Working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit organizations, Mylène’s goal was to help them level up to make a bigger impact.

With Taylor de la Fuente An apple a day keeps the doctor away but have you considered that your website may also need a check up? There’s a lot of marketing advice out there, but if you don’t have a killer website, none of that matters. Your website is the last stop a client makes […]

A room packed full of strangers invokes different feelings in the context of a pandemic. Networking in 2021 looks a little different now, doesn’t it? The idea of networking was triggering for some people even before COVID – bad experiences getting trapped in a conversation with someone you know isn’t your target audience, social anxiety, and even general awkwardness ring a bell? The constant pitching can really dampen the mood yet we are constantly being advised to pitch at every opportunity… and it is exhausting! Whatever happened to a “happy” happy hour?