020: Pitch with Confidence, Here’s How.

With Guest: Tracy Bell

When you stop and think about it for a second, as entrepreneurs we are ALWAYS pitching. We are pitching ourselves and our services, our products and offers, we are pitching partnerships, sponsorships, features, endorsement deals, we’re pitching potential employers, new acquaintances, and in some cases we’re even pitching for funding. Heck, as parents we’re even pitching for less screen time and more vegetables every dang day! Safe to say having the ability to hone an effective pitch is a pretty essential tool in business and in life.

If you aren’t comfortable pitching yourself or your offer, it’s time for you to start thinking about how to hone your inner confidence and step up so you can land the big gigs. And if you are comfy with pitching, maybe it’s time to make sure your pitches are hitting the key points, because pitching with confidence, while cringe-worthy to some, can be the most impactful way to catapult your personal development and fast forward your business growth.

And that’s why my guest, Tracy Bell of Millenia Tea is here today to help you to perfect your pitch! 

In today’s workshop we are getting down and dirty with crafting your pitch. We are digging in and getting specific on how to pitch strategically. We discuss things like how much information is too much information, what stories are important to tell, and we also talk about some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when artfully communicating their wares.

Tracy is here to teach you how to cut the fluff and speak directly to the heart of the person you are pitching to. You guys, by the end of this episode, I’m pretty confident that you will be more ready than ever to hone your unique pitch and start locking in those dream deals for your business. You ready for that?

In today’s episode, Tracy tells us about:

  • How she became an accidental entrepreneur after a health scare
  • Her behind the scenes experience on Dragons Den
  • The most important thing you need to understand before you pitch anything to anyone
  • The key to a successful pitch (hint: it’s not what you might think)
  • Tips for identifying TMI in a pitch.
  • That compelling stories are essential for your pitch and how to hone yours.
  • The anatomy of the perfect pitch.
  • How to anticipate questions and answer them proactively.
  • The common mistakes people make when making their pitch and how to avoid them.
  • Tips for combating your nerves.
  • The importance of attracting the FULL attention of a room while making your pitch and how to do it.
  • The number one thing you need to be doing today, to ensure getting a YES after your pitch.

When asked what is the ONE THING she wanted listeners to take away from this episode…

Imagine that you are in the lobby of an office building or hotel and all of the sudden you spot someone you always wanted to talk to, maybe a famous person, maybe an advisor, someone who might be a mentor, someone you would love to talk to… They ask you what you do and you have 30 seconds to 1 minute to pitch. Decide today what you would say to answer the question of what you do, why they should care, and what you can say to get them to a place of wanting to learn more.

Tracy Bell

So there you have it, a few tips and tricks from one of our very own MASTER pitchers. Tracy really knows the strategies needed to ensure that your message gets heard, remembered, and that your pitch is responded to with a resounding YES!

But the real secret here is that an effective business pitch takes time and research, dedication and work. You need to start with honing your inner confidence and you can never really have too much practice. Today. I hope you’ve truly heard Tracy’s advice and trust that a passionate and energetic pitch goes a LONG way for the success that lies before you.

And, never forget, the more your pitch, the better at it you will become and even though it might not always work out, the real accomplishment is trying.

Don’t forget to visit kellylawson.ca/020 to grab today’s shownotes and resources and to learn how you can connect with Tracy and get your hands on some of her deliciously healthy tea! Until next week workshop warriors, bye for now.

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