039: Using Video to Grow Your Business: How to Show Up With Confidence on Camera.

With Holly Gillen

If you’re trying to grow a business (and I think that’s why you’re here) you already know that video content is super important. We are constantly getting clear signs every single day that if we’re not using video for our business, we’d better start. And when you sit down and think about it, the recent additions to social media platforms are all video heavy. I mean, just take TikTok or Facebook Live, or Instagrams IGTV, stories and Reels for example. They’ll all video centered and social media algorithms heavily prefer live video content so I think we can finally admit that the absence of a video strategy in your business could be costing you serious growth. 

But showing up on video is super tough. I am not here to candy coat that. I mean, when I think about that 3,2,1 countdown timer for showing up live, I get a straight up pit in my stomach. I just want to retreat back to the safe land of posting a selfie using my favourite filter or preset, or posting a blog after it’s been reviewed and edited, but video is A LOT harder to show up for because it leaves us feeling exposed, raw and vulnerable. 

So today’s guest, Holly G of hollygstudios is here today to help take the scaries out of showing up for your business in this sometimes frightening way. Holly spends her time teaching leading entrepreneurs how to create video content that is purpose driven and strategic. Videos that move your business forward and have a bigger purpose.

Holly is over a decade into creating a thriving business using video and now she has invested herself in teaching others how to rid themselves of the fear and mindset blocks that can come with needing to show up on video, especially live video, in your business. She also has a program called VIDEO MADE EASY, and she refers to it as not just video for your business, but business cinema, so I knew she was the perfect guest to come on and talk to you about video today. 

And I gotta say, Holly brings so much energy and actionable advice to the table that today’s show is a real treat. So if you’ve been hearing about the massive benefits of using video to grow your business but you have no idea what to do or how to get started, well, you are in the right place my friend.

So without further ado, let’s roll film! Or, hit record, or whatever. Haha.

In this episode, Holly talks about:

  • Her journey to becoming a video guru… annnnnd ACTION! 3:48
  • Why showing up on video is so important for your business. 7:33
  • The difference between video content traditional content such as blogs and photos. 8:46
  • The impressive longevity of video content and why is pleases the algorithm gods. 10:58
  • Tackling your fear of showing up live (yikes!). 12:24
  • How your FAQ’s can be a goldmine for video content ideas. 15:58
  • The Four Pillars of Pre-Production. 16:19
  • All you need to know about tech and equipment for quality videos (and it isn’t as much as you would think!). 19:34
  • Video length best practices. 22:52
  • The Thriller-Filler-Spiller Formula 24:31
  • How to get the most use of your video content by repurposing. 26:43
  • The logistics of backgrounds, branding, and other videos to speak to your audience. 29:58
  • Common mistakes people make when showing up on video. 35:38
  • Mastering your mindset – dealing with naysayers. 39:55

If you are not already doing video, start with the Four Pillars of Pre-Production. If you are already making videos and want to make better videos, focus on creating the best possible content you can create right here, right now.

Holly Gillen

Okay, I hope you’re feeling empowered to just walk away from this episode and hit record on your camera. And I gotta say, I just love the way Holly shows up on video, and her approach. When I watch her video content I truly feel as though I am sitting down to chat with a friend, and Holly truly is just the best kind of human. And I don’t know about you – but video is just one of those things that I think I fear as much as death haha. Not to get too dark there.

I know I need video but it’s just one of those things that easily gets pushed to the very bottom of the todo list. I’ve been working on it, and let me just say, I will lead you on how to show up when you aren’t ready, or imperfectly with this one. And I gotta say, video is the only type of content that will truly let your personality shine through, and that at the end of the day is what makes you, well, uniquely YOU.

I really hope that after this episode I will get to see your face online… with your video content!

Until next time workshop warriors, keep showing up imperfectly, because that is where all good things start!

Bye for now.



Revolab Microphone mentioned in the podcast as well as ring lights are great tech to add to your toolkit to up your video game.

Demonstration of the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is one of the first things a photographer (or a videographer) learns. You may recognize this grid if you have a professional camera but you can even enable it to show up on your smartphone!

Essentially, the rule is that your eyes tend to be drawn to the intersections of the grid. By placing subjects of interest at those intersections, you can be assured that your image is balanced and had a pleasing composition.

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