045: How to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience.

With Desola Davis

Today I am chatting with my new business bestie Desola Davis all about how to create an unforgettable client experience in your business. You might be delighted to discover that it doesn’t necessarily need to cost you anything extra. 

The customer journey can be described as the path a customer follows as they venture from being a complete stranger, to ideally, your biggest fan. From their first time hearing about your business, to the end of their relationship with you, and everything in between. As you can imagine, this might include social media, a blog post, a phone call, a visit to your store or scheduling a session to receive your services, right through to what happens after you walk away from each other. A customer journey includes each and every touchpoint from beginning to end and collectively makes up the customer experience.

Really dialing into what your customers are experiencing at each and every stage can truly be very insightful and also your most effective path to business success. Here’s the thing, mapping out your complete customer journey is a surefire way to identify shortfalls and therefore revenue loss in your business, and it is also VERY often overlooked. I mean, I’ll bet you can already think of a handful of examples where as a customer, you had an amazing experience in some areas, and then other things fell flat, and you’re left wondering if the business owner has ever taken a walk in their customer’s shoes. Maybe you had a great experience all the way through, but then you never heard from the business owner again. 

It seems like a lot of ground to cover, but guess what? Understanding the customer journey (and overall customer experience) isn’t as tricky as you might think it is once you get organized. This is exactly why Desola is here today to walk you through getting started with customer journey mapping in your business.

So, if serving your customers to the very best of your ability is important to you, today’s episode is one that you DEFINITELY don’t wanna miss!

In this episode, Desola talks about:

  • Helping online coaches and creates design a delightful online experience. 3:41
  • Focusing on your best customers (80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers!). 4:15
  • The relationship involved in sales and how to build trust to advance to a sales “marriage”. 5:13
  • The difference between relationship building online and physical products, and what that looks like (hint, it involves feelings). 6:13
  • The way you deliver the transformation of your product is the prop, how to sell the journey and convey these transformations to the world. 10:11
  • How to get started gathering effective customer testimonials. 14:45
  • Examples of the types of questions that potential customers (or prospects) have at the beginning of the journey. 17:49
  • Strategically extracting valuable testimonial information from the people you work with. 20:18
  • How to build testimonials into your system… before it is too late. 22:42
  • The importance of timing in gathering the best testimonials and having a community to allow people to share, fostering this culture 24:49
  • Where your testimonials should live. 27:13
  • How everything you are doing in your products suite should align with your story that you want to tell. 31:42
  • Timing is everything! 35:47

If you already have a product, identify what that quick win for your customer is… once you figure that out, you can share content with your audience and overcome objections for your prospects. Figure out what that quick win is, then you have a place to go.

Desola Davis

See? Desola is awesome. She has this all figured out – and I wish for all of us to have a little bit of her insight into our businesses.

Getting to know the customer journey is about nurturing and refining the customer experience. Along the way, customers will interact with your various touchpoints, such as an ad or your website. Once you’re in the customer mindset, you can map out your touchpoints, which likely include: social media reviews, your website, your customer service team if applicable, and the super important follow-up customer feedback surveys. So investing time into understanding your businesses customer journey and going through the process yourself will help you see where you can identify weak spots, make improvements and perfect your customer’s experience so that they just keep coming back for more and more. 

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Until next week, workshop warrior, keep honing your wonderfully positive customer journey so they keep coming back for more. Bye for now.

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