053: Beginner’s Guide to Using Facebook Ads For Your Biz.

With Gretchen George

You might have noticed a drop in your traction on Facebook over the past year, and just so you know, it’s most likely not because people have randomly just stopped caring about you. 

Nope. It’s the evil, elusive and ever-changing Facebook algorithm that has made it increasingly challenging to connect organically with your fans. Looks like Zuckerberg wants our money to use his platform after all. 

And, Because Facebook’s micro-targeting ad features allow you to reach your exact target audience, the good news is, Facebook ads can get your message in front of the people who are most likely to want your products or services and not just click like and move on with their scroll. So there is a bit of a silver lining… if you’re willing to open your purse strings.

Facebook advertising is a pretty effective way to connect with highly targeted audiences, the kind that will click add to cart, on the world’s largest social network. And I have to admit, I have seen some early success in my business with Facebook ads. Since I’ve begun using Facebook ads to sell my digital programs, I have seen a 5x ROI on my ad spend, and not only that, I  have learned a whole lot about the people who I am trying to reach. Specifically, which audiences are most likely to buy from me, and what language and imagery resonates to name just a few.

So, you know when you see an ad in your scroll and you’re like, how did they know I wanted that? Well, it’s not a coincidence my friend. It is the result of intricate data mining and tracking your activities on the platform. And recently, Apple iOS has rolled out new anti tracking features on their most recent software update that is keeping Facebook advertisers on their toes. It is a lot to keep track of. Pun intended.

And that’s why today’s guest, Gretchen George, is here today to help you make sense of it all. Gretchen simplifies an otherwise pretty technical topic, gives us her recommendations on what you should be doing online for your business, and although important, why Facebook ads are just part of an overall integrated marketing plan. She also reveals how Facebook ads can be used as a highly effective research tool, the benefits of split testing your Facebook ads, how you can get started if you’re a complete beginner and the ONE THING you should absolutely do with your Facebook account today, even if all this stuff flies at a high altitude over your head. It’s all about taking it in in bite sized pieces.

This conversation with Gretchen is sure to get you one giant step closer to using Facebook as the super powerful business tool it can be. You don’t wanna miss this one. So let’s dive in.  

In this episode, Gretchen talks about:

  • Why Facebook advertising is important for your business. 6:23 
  • What small business owners should be doing online considering new algorithms. 7:30
  • How Facebook and Instagram ads fit into a bigger plan (and I can almost guarantee that they do!). 8:53
  • Tips for businesses to get prepared for a Facebook ad spend. 10:25
  • Facebook pixels and what kind of data it can collect. 15:24
  • Information, statistics and effectiveness of retargeting ads. 17:27
  • Resources for step by step instructions to set up Facebook pixels. 18:36
  • How business owners can be strategic about spending advertising dollars. 20:07
  • Appropriate budgets for Facebook ads. 24:26
  • Running a split tests on Facebook as a tool to learn about your audience. 25:42
  • What people fear most about Facebook ads. 27:23
  • What happens when you boost a Facebook post and why it is important. 29:28
  • Common mistakes people make when they’re setting up ads. 30:30
  • Getting started with ads. 32:33
  • Results you can expect to see from your ads. 36:17
  • Exciting examples breakthrough discoveries with Facebook ads. 38:12
  • Helpful resources for people getting ready for Facebook ads. 40:17
  • Making Facebook ads work for YOU. 41:26

Don’t leave marketing behind in your business, don’t put it on the backburner. Make it a priority and come up with a strategy so that when you are ready to go, you can hit the ground running. Set up the pixel. Also, make sure you’re including marketing and your strategy for 2021. Even if you don’t even ever use Facebook, Instagram, ads ever, just set up the pixel so that if you choose to one of these days, that you’re ready to go, you have some data in the pot already cooking, and you have an audience that you can speak to, that you don’t have to cultivate from scratch.

Gretchen George

Pixels and ROI and split tests oh my!

I loved chatting with Gretchen. She makes an otherwise intimidating topic feel a little less scary, and I hope you learned a whole lot from her today. If nothing else, I hope you will walk away from this episode and get your Facebook pixel set up. It truly only takes a short amount of time, and even if you don’t do a thing with it over the next little while, the data generated in the meantime could be very important in the future of that booming little empire of yours.

I hope that Gretchen helped to show you that being consistent and believing in yourself enough to make this kind of investment in yourself and in your business is what it takes to be successful, and Facebook ads can get you there if you are practicing what she shared with us today.

To find out more about Gretchen and anything mentioned in todays episode, please visit the show notes at kellylawson.ca/053

Thank you so much for tuning in today, I had a lot of fun. Who knew talking Facebook pixels could be so rad? 

Until next week my friend, bye for now.

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Using Facebook Pixels

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