Four Product Photo Styling Tips You Can Use Today

Have you ever been struggling with a product photoshoot, and tried sticking a succulent in the shot, because that’s what everyone on Instagram seems to be doing?


Cute little cacti are the Hail Mary pass of product photography. Add a potted plant and hope for the best, right? 

No judgement. I get it. Hell, I’ve done it myself. 

Mad props to your creative styling. 

Styling shoots and using props is one of the biggest challenges for my students. For starters, you are busy. As an entrepreneur with some Grade-A hustle, you don’t have the time to spend on long, complicated shoots, elaborate styling and all-day props sourcing. 

You need to be able to get it done, quickly and well. That means beautiful, consistent, on-brand pics that lure eyeballs and drive clicks and conversions, right? 

So, what if I told you props and styling could be quick and easy? It’s true. 

kelly lawson

My top styling tips:

Target: Who is your audience? Think of the sorts of things your ideal customer loves – then use them. These items and accessories will speak directly to your target clients. In coffee terms, it’s the difference between adding a Starbucks cup or one from Tim Hortons. It’s showing a Chanel handbag in the background versus a cheap, generic purse. Who are your people? 

Scale: This is all about size compatibility. Rule No. 1: don’t bully your product with over-large props. And remember, items tend to appear more prominent on camera. Play around with distance to create a sense of balance. 

Colour: This is simple. Stick with your brand’s palette and complementary colours. Also, think about the mood you want to create. Darker tones can add drama or mystery, while whites and pastels exude an airy atmosphere. What’s your vibe? 

Composition: Another less-is-more sitch. Keep the focus on your product, with the props playing a supporting, secondary role. A few carefully chosen items can have a lot of impact in telling a visual story, but too many will distract the viewer and dominate the image. To pull it all together, use the Rule of Thirds (more on that here).  

That’s it! Get snapping, my lovelies. And show me what you come up with!