How Great Product Photography Can Make You Serious $$$

Picture this – You are sitting comfortably at your desk, hot coffee in hand and credit card at the ready. As you browse through a wide selection of shoes, a gorgeous pair of red pumps catches your eye. You notice that another shop is selling the same shoe for the exact same price but the picture is dark and the shadows make it difficult to see the true colour of the product. Your eyes dart back to the more appealing picture and you add those puppies to your cart without even a second thought.

It is a big world out there, my friend. There will never be a shortage of red pumps or people trying to sell them to you so how do you make the decision on who to buy from? 

There are so many factors that go into making any purchase:

  • Is it at the price point I am looking for?
  • Do I care about buying local?
  • Is shipping included in the price?

Being the savvy business owner you are, you have done your homework: you are priced competitively, located where your customers are, and you even offer competitive shipping rates. So the question remains… How do you stand out from the competition?

The answer lies in your presentation. Considering the average attention span on the internet is comparable to that of a goldfish, you only have SECONDS to capture the attention of a potential customer.


Unless your ideal client is a speed reader, the best way to attract their attention is with photos that they can’t ignore depicting a product of undeniable value.

And they need to FEEL it.

In the scenario above, the customer was looking for a pair of red pumps. They saw a stunning photo that stood out from the rest that conveyed the message that the item was one of quality in a familiar and comfortable context. 

But what else did the picture say

Well, savvy business owner, you know your ideal client SO well that you put those pumps on display in a way that really resonated with your ideal customer. Maybe they are being worn by a person who appears to be waiting in line at a bar with some girlfriends. Maybe you have those pumps propped up with a plain white background, knowing your clients like to keep it simple. Maybe, the pumps are paired with a classy black dress so your client can envision a date night with their partner.

However they are displayed, your ideal client loves them and will soon live out whatever vision they had at the time of purchase.

If you understand your ideal client, take photos that stand out and convey value, and invoke positive feelings, you are well on your way to making some serious dollars!