How To Get Consistency With Product Photos

Did you know that 93% of consumers tell us that they are more likely to buy a product when there is a BEAUTIFUL photo associated with it? Math can be hard sometimes but 93% is essentially everyone.

Your photos bring in customers and make them pay attention to what you have to sell. Great product photos maximize your sales and help tell your brand story.

In This Broadcast I Cover:

  • The FOUR REASONS you are getting inconsistent product photography results (6:40)
  • The counter intuitive thing you need to be doing to fix your product photography inconsistency (8:00)
  • What The TOLL Effect is and why you need to measure this with every single time you set out to take a product photo (8:30)
  • The types of product photos you need to be taking to maximize your sales (9:25)

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The FOUR REASONS You Are Getting Inconsistent Product Photography Results

  1. You don’t understand the four types of light (see Do You Struggle With Your Product Photos).
  2. You don’t understand the device that you are using and how to control the light settings specific to your camera or smart phone.
  3. You don’t understand basic composition rules.
  4. You are not measuring your results (this is a BIG deal!).

The T.O.L.L. Inconsistency Takes on Your Photos

See what I did there? TOLL stands for Type of Light Leveraged.

Have I already mentioned that light is important? Know what kind of light you are working with and notice the difference at each hour of the day. Social media, websites, and email campaigns make it easy to do A/B testing and collect results. See what photos are getting the most attention!

The Types of Product Photos You Need to be Taking to Maximize Your Sales

Photos with a plain white background have the most utility and work for just about every style. That said, take some time to experiment! Have hands holding your product, demonstrate the use of the product, and even feature it in lifestyle photos.

Give it a TRY

Take pictures that tell the story of your product. People love a good story and you can put an image in their mind of what their life would be like with your product or service.

Another popular way to showcase your product is taking your customer behind the scenes to the making of it. Not only is this more intimate, but it gives a chance for the customer to connect with YOU. People want to identify with you and they will be more likely to support someone they can connect with.

Inconsistent photos are not going to help strengthen your brand. You need to find what is working and do more of that.

If you are taking photos consistently, measuring TOLL, and doing some A/B testing with different types of photos and measuring what works, you WILL get great results.

If you are using stock photos – puts you on the same playing field of your competitors. Consistent photos that are recognizably yours.

So, are you ready to take the next step to learn how to take great website worthy photos? Let’s do this!