Why Your Product Needs Lifestyle Pics

Do you find yourself “borrowing” friends, family and assorted loved ones for mad-dash, spur-of-the-moment shoots when you have five minutes to spare, or the light looks right? But then, when you get to the beach or wherever you’re shooting, you have no idea what to do with them? 

Maybe your models look stilted. Perhaps the light’s gone wonky. Overall, it just doesn’t feel on-brand. 

Oh, I feel you. Getting a natural look does not come easy. 


But don’t give up. Those “real-life” product shots sell your brand in ways no flat lay can (and that’s no offense to flat lays, which I love). Adding the human component is key to getting your customers trigger-happy on the “Add to Cart” button. That’s because these pics help them envision the products in their own life. Something about seeing them in action enables people to insert themselves into the image, getting them closer to checkout action. 

Ace product shots are the next best thing to being there. The best ones generate energy and emotion. This quotation really resonated with me: “A successful marketing campaign is when you can establish emotion and attach a brand name to it. For example, when you think of Patagonia – you immediately think about their lifestyle.”

So true.

So, what’s your product lifestyle? What emotions do you want to arouse in your followers?