014: How This Entrepreneur Grew a 7-Figure Pandemic Proof Business in Just 2 Years

Guest: Ingrid Munroe, The NB Box Owner and Founder

My friend Ingrid Munroe got her start as an entrepreneur simply by surrounding herself with other creative entrepreneurs, and side hustling like crazy when she wasn’t playing the role of busy mom to her three young children. Fast forward just two years, and now Ingrid is running a successful 7- figure online box business from her newly renovated basement studio. 

Ingrid is the creator and founder of The NB Box, a custom boutique gifting company in New Brunswick Canada, and today we are going to talk all about how she laid the foundation, garnered a following and launched a pandemic proof online business that took her from stay at home mom to million-dollar entrepreneur in just two years.

In this episode we talk about everything from how to pandemic proof your venture, to rocket launching a home based business, to managing home life with work life, and also the more vulnerable things like, the messy middle, to growing an audience and how to turn mishaps into golden opportunities. And the numbers? We aren’t shying away from those either.

Ingrid has been a friend of mine for a while, and I just know that her words will inspire and motivate you leaving you feeling like in the world of entrepreneurship, ANYTHING is possible if you just start. So grab your coffee cup, or wine glass, and curl up with us as we chat about how she went from zero to seven figures super quick, and hear her tips for how you can do it too! Are you ready?

In this episode Ingrid discusses:

  • How her million-dollar business idea began at her sister’s baby shower just two years ago
  • The number one barrier for getting sales in an eCommerce business and how to mitigate
  • The exact growth she experienced in revenue numbers
  • The business loan that she was approved for, and didn’t take
  • The power of writing a well thought out business plan
  • The important role of bootstrapping and investing in your own business
  • The number one thing that Ingrid focused on to make her business a success
  • How she sees missteps as golden opportunities that actually helped to accelerate her business growth
  • How she responded to Covid and the ways in which her business was designed to be resilient and scalable
  • Ingrid discusses what differentiates her business and makes her offerings irresistible to customers
  • We discuss her attention to branding and messaging and how dialing in on her ONE UNIQUE ideal customer enabled her to leverage social media and scale quickly
  • We talk about the things she would have done differently if she could
  • And Ingrid shares the ONE THING that she thinks you should be doing TODAY, to follow the same successful path that she has

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I hope you are feeling inspired by Ingrid’s success and that you have learned from her advice. I cant agree with her more that there is so much value in finding the courage to JUST START no matter how unprepared you feel, because truthbomb: you will always feel unprepared on some level when you are getting started. And once you get started, the sooner you can get your finger on the pulse of what your current and future customers want and need, well my friend, you will become our next big success story.

Thank you again for hitting play on yet another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. I hope you learned a whole lot, and let’s keep dreaming big, kay?

See you next week.

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