015: Start a Multi-Million Dollar eCommerce Shop with These 3 Steps

Guest: Kristin Mastoras, Founder of Ms Design Berry

Generating oodles of revenue every month is the dream goal for most anyone starting their own e-commerce business. But the sad reality is that so many people starting out, fail to generate enough sales to even stay afloat—in fact, it has been estimated that e-commerce businesses experience an 80% failure rate. – YOUCH.

However, despite this discouraging statistic, building a seven-figure e-commerce business is far from impossible. This became abundantly clear during my conversation with Kristin Mastoras, founder and CEO of Ms. Design Berry.

Kristin launched her custom art commissions e-commerce business as a side hustle while she was still working full time. She creates custom artwork for her customers, mainly wedding clients, and her business has seen incredible growth over the course of her journey. Kristin’s business has grown into a team of 24, now clocking over 2 million dollars in sales.

So how did Kristin manage to achieve such impressive growth? Well, safe to say that great customer experience and high-quality products certainly played a role, but much of her success can be attributed to a few key e-commerce sales and marketing strategies that you can learn and implement as well, and in this episode of the workshop weekly podcast, Kristin is spilling her best-kept secrets. You want in on it? Thought so.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Kristin’s success selling custom illustration business on Etsy started as a side hustle and lead to 2 million dollars in sales.
  • How she knew when it was the right time to leave her full-time job
  • Kristin’s favourite thing about running an eCommerce shop
  • Her trick for keeping her ideas and goals fresh
  • The thing that she would have done differently if she were to do this all over again
  • How they dealt with having her Etsy shop unexpectedly shut down
  • The importance of social proof and how to leverage it in the online space (step 1)
  • She digs into the often-overlooked importance of the “About Me” section of your business’s website and how to do it right
  • Her top tips for how to stand out in a noisy space
  • Easy and Immediate Communication: The game-changing, revenue increasing power of adding live chat to sales pages and how to do it (step 2)
  • The importance of a strong brand and how a strong brand means much more than just visuals (step 3)
  • The one thing you should be doing to drive traffic to your eCommerce site
  • The one thing that Kristin thinks you should be doing TODAY to start off on the right foot

While there’s no denying the importance of your website design and consistent thoughtful branding in growing your e-commerce business, Kristin makes it pretty clear that one ecommerce platform should never be your only source of revenue and that as an entrepreneur, you should always be seeking feedback, learning and changing right along with your customer.

I hope you found this episode valuable nomatter what industry youre in, because I gotta say, everything that she had to say rings true for any business, and if you are willing to do the work, well, you will be turning that business of yours into a 7-figure empire in no time as well.

Thank you so much for tuning in to yet another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. And I look forward to hanging out in your earbuds again next week!

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