018: Your Brand is Not for Everyone, and That’s Okay.

With Guests: Nat and Cearagh of Marrow Marketing

Sometimes in business and in life, we can find ourselves being innate people pleasers. We proceed by trying not to ruffle any feathers or rock any boats, while playing everything we do super safe, in order to convey our unwavering likability. And while pouring your awesomeness into the world is usually a good idea, sometimes we can get so lost in our attempt to gain acceptance, that we lose ourselves. We lose our voice, we lose our message, we lose our authenticity and we lose our essence.

In the world of branding and marketing, trying to please everyone is not a good strategy. 

This is exactly why my friends Nat and Cearagh of Marrow Marketing are coming to you today with their message that your Brand is NOT for Everyone, and that is perfectly okay. In fact, creating a brand that will turn some people away is actually encouraged.

And, Trust me, I know this probably sounds backwards. 

Cearagh and Nat want you to understand that there will always be haters. There will always be people that judge and reject what you are doing, and you need to get comfy with that if building a strong, stand out brand and loyal following is something that you strive for in your business. Nat and Cearagh are here to give you permission to let go of your need to be liked by everyone, so that you can show up in a way that serves your biggest fans while also making space for you and your brand to remain true to your core. 

In life and in entrepreneurship, you need to remind yourself that you are not capable of pleasing everyone. You are not nutella. So get ready to let go of all your people pleasing desires and let’s dive into today’s episode!

In this Episode We Discuss:

1. How to Articulate the Value of Your Organization to Your Unique Audience

Nat and Cearagh can help with their impressive array of workshops and courses – Marketing Lab, Content Camp, Love Video Connection and more!

To speak to your audience, you need to know your audience. Lucky for us, Nat and Cearagh have us covered again with a fantastic Buyer Persona Template. Like those personality tests that you have already taken a million times only this one is practical and will make you money.

One, two, FREE! Want to give you audience a gentle nudge and connect more online but a loss of how the hell (Nat and Cearaghs words, not mine) to do it? Try this free download of 10 Days of Social Posts. Take the time to do the work, find the customer that gets so much value from how you show up that, if you could replicate them (ethics aside), business would boom!

2. The Significance of Creating a Safe Community for Your Audience and How to Do it.

When you put yourself out there, people will take notice and not everyone will be nice about it. Cearagh and Nat discuss the power of operating on the assumption that people will say mean things and how you can show up and be effective in this situation. Gone are the days of trolls staying under their bridges!

3. The Number One Way to Deal with Haters.

Have a look at who is speaking out and what they are saying. Learn who they, which ones to actually listen to, and how to respond. Spoiler alert: not everyone’s critique has merit. Like, would you take flooring recommendations from someone who still proudly struts their stuff on shag carpet?

4. The Importance of Showing Your Scars, NOT Your Scabs.

Okay, that sounds a little gross, but hear me out. Don’t just share deep hurt wounds with the world for the glory or attention it gives you, learn how to confidently and appropriately share your vulnerabilities and back it up with what you learned and how you overcame it.

5. The Power of Emotional Connection.

Studies have found that you will outperform your competition by 86% if you can make an emotional connection with your audience. Everyone has a brand they have an emotional connection with and are happy to support – give them a chance to care about you.

6. The ONE THING You Need to Be Doing TODAY to Amp Up Your Own Brand.

Cearagh shares with us the MOST important thing you need to do if you want to attract more raving fans to you and your brand online and offline. And, I gotta say, it’s a lot simpler than you probably think!

Nat and Kiera bring so much energy and wisdom to the conversation that I feel like we could talk for days. I sincerely hope you learned from them today and that you are going to move forward knowing that you can’t please everyone, and it is perfectly ok. In business, if you are always keeping your ideal client in mind, you will have the confidence to know what to say and when to say it, and be A-OK with the fact that some people aren’t going to like it. In fact, you can take comfort in knowing that when people who are not your ideal clients don’t like what you are doing, its a sign that you’re probably doing it right.

I hope you had as much fun listening as I did conversing with these two, and don’t forget to head over to the shownotes at kellylawson.ca/018 to learn how you can connect with Nat and Kiera and join their programs. And until next time workshop warriors, keep on attracting and repelling with your brand while slaying your biggest goals.

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