017: How You Can Stand for Change Without Judgement #sharethemicnow

Host: Whitly Jane

When the world listens to women, it listens to white women. For far too long, Black women’s voices have gone unheard, even though they’ve been using their voices loudly for centuries to enact change. Today, more than ever, it is NECESSARY that we create a unifying action to center Black women’s lives, stories, and calls to action. We need to listen to Black women.

These are the words of Rachel Cargle and this is why she created #ShareTheMicNow, so that Black women can speak from the accounts of white women.

The intention of this movement is to magnify Black women and the important work that they’re doing in order to catalyze the change that will only come when we truly hear each other’s voices.

And that’s why this week’s episode of the workshop weekly podcast is going to be a little different.

Today I am handing the hosting seat and microphone over to my friend Whitly Jane. 

Whitly is the host of the Get Inspired Show, she is an Inspirational speaker and mentor. Whitly speaks to inspire others to take action in their lives and businesses. She is the creator of the Purpose Academy that guides women to step into their authentic power so they can create purpose driven businesses and leave their mark in the world. Whitly is a true leader with a mission to help others unleash their power, ignite their passion and live their purpose. When she isn’t busy being a mom and everything in between, she’s travelling to new places with her kids, spending time by the ocean and dreaming big!

Today she is coming to you with her message about using your authentic power to hone your unique message, so that you can show up confidently and use your voice, even when it feels scary. I know that her words will leave you feeling empowered and inspired and I am so honoured to hand the reins over to her today.

Here’s what she has in store for you:

  • The greatest lesson she has learned and how she’s using that to share her message at this time.
  • How you can shift your perspective and navigate your own message during this time so that you too can contribute to this great change without the fear
  • She talks about her painful experiences with judgment, racism, prejudice and how that led to an inability to love herself
  • Her personal struggle with the comparison game.
  • The mindset shifts she needed to make to find her inner purpose.
  • The significant of honing your Authentic Power and the role that EGO plays
  • What is possible for you once you shift your own perspective
  • How to stop living your life on other people’s terms
  • Her take on equality: we are more similar than we are different
  • The ONE THING you need to do today to get closer to your authentic voice and honing your own authentic power so that. you can show up genuinely right now and join the fight for equality

Whitly’s closing Words:

So today, your simple yet profound piece of action I am giving you today is that you take some quiet and get real with yourself and write down what message is inside my heart and soul that keeps whispering to me that I have been afraid to share with the world? And I want you to share it with the people or the platform or the community that you feel most called to share it with. 

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