022: Add These 5 Passive Revenue Streams to Your Business Today!

With Kelly Lawson

Do you ever feel like you are grinding away for every dollar? That you’re hustling so hard to keep up with your customers’ demands you find yourself on the verge of a serious burnout? 

I know that feeling. I’ve totally been there, time and time again. And I’m here to tell you there is a better way. It’s called passive income.  And passive income is the thing that will give you a profitable business that can last in the long run. ‘Cause you can’t keep this crazy hustle up forever now, can you? 

If you’ve ever dreamt of making money while you sleep, and then dreamt of all the ways you’d spend that moola in your well-rested waking hours – well,  then today’s show is serving up exactly what you need to hear. 

In this episode of the Workshop Weekly Podcast, I’m going to be dishing up five ways you can add passive revenue streams to your business. You guys, this is all about working smarter, not harder and not more either. If passive income is something that you have considered adding to your life or business, well then my friend you’re in the right place. So, put on your comfies, grab your pen and notebook, and let’s dive in. 

Today, Kelly Will Talk to Us About…

  • Creating a sustainable income so you have more time for the people and things you LOVE.
  • How to multiply your impact and give more chances for customers to benefit from your offer.
  • The low-down on affiliate marketing and how YOU can get started earning money.
  • How to be selective with affiliate marketing – aligning with your brand and values.
  • How to recommend products or services that you already use and love and get paid to do it.
  • The value of online real estate.
  • How to sell one thing, a digital product, again and again (and AGAIN!)
  • How anyone can create and sell a digital product.
  • How to use your FAQ to build a passive income.
  • How to make your unused space pay you.
  • What important tactics to keep in mind to be successful at this passive income thing.

Check Out These Resources to Help You Build Your Passive Income

Passive income is a way to get off the treadmill. To create value and share your work with more people. To give yourself freedom in your finances and in other ways, too.

Kelly Lawson

Alright, folks! There you have it! My absolute best insight into creating a lifestyle of passive income– creating a life YOU want to live by freeing up your valuable time. I truly think passive income should be the end goal of every business simply so you have more free time to enjoy yourself, but don’t forget to embrace this process, and realize it’s going to take some time, work, patience, and diligence up front, and payday absolutely won’t happen overnight… but if you start working towards that today, just imagine what your life could look like in one month or one year from now.

There is no “one size fits all” advice when it comes to generating income streams. How many sources of income you have should depend upon where you are financially, and what your financial goals for the future are. But having at least a few is a good start. And a little hint or inspiration for you, most millionaires have 7 revenue streams.

As always, I cannot wait to hear how you make out! Drop into my DMs on Instagram I am @kellyslawson and tell me how you made out! And I’ll see you here next week, same time, same place for another weekly workshop that keeps shooting your success in the direction of the stars.

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