023: Your Period has Everything to do with Your Productivity

With Dr. Ashley Margeson, Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc.

Ok. Is this you?

Some days, you are totally in the zone. You are grooving so hard that you knock all the things off your lengthy to-do list and then slay half way through tomorrow’s list too. You are on fire, and you are so impressed with yourself that you want to replace your work attire for a superhero suit, place your fists firmly on your hips, stand on a mildly windy mountaintop with your chin raised. There is nothing you cant conquer.

Then, other days, you find yourself slumping, spinning your wheels, wasting time, mindlessly scrolling social media, distracted by everything and not really getting anything done. Frustrated with yourself you close your eyes and picture your bed, stretchy pants and a giant bowl of doritos. You doodle or scroll social media and on these days you’re probably meantalking yourself and your lazy ways.

Some days you feel unafraid and like a confident social networking rockstar, while other days you are so irritable and anxious that you can’t get out of your own way long enough to even decide what clothes to put on your body that day. And these strange swings in your mood, appetite, and cognition, you can’t seem to find a reason for any of it.

Well, what if I told you there was a reason for it? And not only a reason, but a predictable pattern for it, a mood schedule, of sorts. What if you could align your life schedule with cycles of high energy, creativity, intuition and the need for reflection, in order to calibrate your expectations for yourself? 

What if I told you that for a long time now, women have been conditioned to adjust to a man’s workplace, environment, schedule and approach to productivity and you are about to learn how this impacts our ability to be our best productive selves every day of life.

What if I told you that many of us are never taught how to unlock the potential in our cycles?

Well, my guest Dr Ashley Margeson is here today to change all of this for you. Ashley wants you to know that not only do Female hormonal cycles have natural and predictable fluctuations, but that they also affect your mood, energy and cognition in really predictable ways. And if you’re like me, you’ve been conditioned to ignore all of these cues from your body. Ashley teaches women how to live in sync with their menstrual cycle and she explains how you can better understand the various phases of your cycle and how they impact your mood, your energy levels, your creativity and even how you’ll perform on your first date, or maybe your job interview or client pitch. Today Ashley is breaking down our cycle for us so that we can begin to understand exactly why we feel the way we feel and what tasks we are optimized for at any given stage in our hormone cycle.

You guys, my mind was blown many times over during my conversation with Dr. Ashley. I think after hearing today’s episode we will all agree that it’s time to look at syncing our work and socialization schedules up with our menstrual schedules, or in the very least, to understand our body’s needs on a deeper level. Your mind is about to be blown. Your life is about to change. I’m serious. Are you ready?

In this episode, Ashley talks to us about:

  • How understanding your hormones and owning your cycle can optimize your LIFE.
  • How your reproductive cycle isn’t just about fertility.
  • The Superwomen Code (I KNOW you want to know more about this).
  • How our periods are trying to communicate what is happening in our body – your period is a vital sign.
  • What the perfect period looks like
  • How each phase of your cycle gives you a new superpower and what they are.
  • How to know when in your cycle to ask for a raise ;).
  • Why we get cravings before our period.
  • What part of your cycle is best for creative work.
  • The apps you can use for tracking your cycle and how being armed with this data can help you plan and optimize your day to day life and be more forgiving of yourself.
  • How birth control actually works and how to plan around this modified cycle.
  • The ONE THING you need to do today to get closer to working with your hormone cycle instead of against it.

Check out These Apps and Resources:

Clue (tracking app)

Me V PMDD (symptom tracker)

The Superwoman Code (podcast)

Connect with Ashley





When asked if there was one thought she would like listeners to take away from this conversation:

Track. Your. Cycles.

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Is your life different now? Has your mind been blown? Do you suddenly have the explanation you’ve been looking for as to why some days you are on your game while others you are not? Well, me too you guys. I dont know how I have lived to 40 without listening to my body on a deeper, more empathetic level. I am pretty confident that in just 12 short weeks from now we will all learn how to better manage our energy, how to work smarter instead of against the grain, and how to optimize our schedules according to our internal needs. Let’s go on this discovery journey together. And, Was it just me or did this episode go by way too fast? Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for tuning in to yet another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. I’ll catch you again next week, workshop warrior.

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