026: The Untapped Gold Mine of LinkedIn

With April Sciacchitano

LinkedIn. It is an elusive platform that I know has mega potential for fueling my business, but here’s a confession: I don’t really use it and I don’t really fully understand how it works. I mean, I have a profile there, some employment history, a few endorsements, a profile photo, and some words that I slapped down in the about section way back when, but that’s about it. And here’s the thing, I know this platform is a powerhouse for making connections, forming lasting business relationships, gaining credible knowledge and generating leads, so today I am calling on LinkedIn strategist April Sciacchitano to help show me the way.

April is a powerhouse marketing and PR expert from her own Virginia Beach based firm called Mix and Shine where she has carved herself a little corner of the internet with expertise in LinkedIn strategy, business SEO and Google your Business..

So, if you’ve been thinking about leveraging LinkedIn to up your own business game, make powerful connections, find experts, hire and outsource talent, for your own career advancement or maybe you just plain want to be using LinkedIn with a little more smarts than you have been, well today’s episode is for you. Let’s settle in and get our LinkedIn game on. You ready?

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why LinkedIn is WAY more than an online resume.
  • The value discussions and interactions in post threads as the KEY to making the right connections to move forward in your career.
  • How dang important it is to regularly update and KEEP your profile updated.
  • Keeping your own news feed fresh with this one (slightly hidden) trick.
  • How to be memorable and build credibility on LinkedIn.
  • The wild fact that 41% of millionaires are on LinkedIn (you are who you surround yourself with, amirite??).
  • Not letting your need for a perfect profile keep you from engaging – imperfect action RULES!
  • The importance of populating your profile and how to endorse and review (and how to get people to return the favour).
  • How to use your about section to tell people how YOU can help THEM.
  • Pleasing the LinkedIn algorithm gods by sharing your content the “right” way.
  • Automating your LinkedIn posts using Buffer (for FREE).
  • Building relationships on LinkedIn and how you can make money doing it.

Think of LinkedIn as the biggest conference you have ever been to.

April Sciacchitano

Homework Assignment: go onto linkedin and find 5 posts and leave a comment and see how that feels. You can have an influence on LinkedIn!

Okay, so I just learned a whole lot and on top of that, I have a little work to do to up my LinkedIn game and get it working to generate leads and resources and connections to grow my business.

I hope that you enjoyed today’s episode and I hope it got you thinking about how you can use LinkedIn a little more strategically in your life and in your business.

Until next week, Workshop Warriors, thank you for tuning in yet again and keep crushing those goals!

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