027: How to Awaken Your Divine Feminine Energy

Dr. Tracy Palmer

Our world is made up of dualities. It always has been. Tall or short. Black or white. Fast or slow. Up or down. Good or bad. 

Similarly, every human has some semblance of duality in both masculine and feminine energies, and while they can’t always be seen, both are equally important to our inner harmony and well-being. 

And, there is definitely something magical about feminine energy that is so often overlooked, underrated or downright neglected in modern society. 

Throughout history, womanhood has been associated with weakness, sacrifice, co-dependency, over-sensitivity, and emotionality. And even in modern society, whether you identify as male, female or non binary, we continue to live in a world where feminine energy is suppressed, and masculine energy is glorified. I mean, I think we can all agree that in today’s world, we tend to be more dialed into a “get-more-done” mentality, constantly on a mission to achieve more, do more, get more, assert more, be more. 

Masculine energy translates into qualities like drive, determination, independence, aggression, competitiveness, and confidence, which I think we can all recognize as pretty essential traits for succeeding in today’s world. And, don’t get me wrong, these are not bad traits, we need them. In fact, these qualities have probably allowed the amazing women that you can think of to become CEOs, business owners, public figures and leaders.

But feminine energy embodies something a little less revered: feminine energy depicts the nurturer, the healer, the creative, one of feelings, morality, passivity and peacemaking. So while the masculine energy is focused on doing, the feminine energy revels in being.

And according to today’s guest, Dr Tracy Palmer, the value we put on masculine energy has led us to lose touch with our real power – our divine feminine energy and because of this we are often left feeling frazzled and depleted without truly understanding why. 

Tracy believes that because we tend to prioritize masculine over feminine energy, the key is in finding balance and achieving our own unique harmony between these two types of energies.

Fatigue, perpetual hustle and energy depletion don’t have to be part of your story. In fact, there are many ways to embrace and prioritize your divine feminine energy so that you arent left feeling drained and unfulfilled, and today Dr. Tracy is sharing tangible techniques for managing your life and divine energies so you can start taking back your life, your divine self and most importantly your energy. So, are you ready for a wee spiritual awakening? Ok, Grab yourself a cup of something delicious and let’s dig in.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Giving yourself permission to have hobbies and do FUN things (and not feel guilty about it).
  • Cultural pressure being the reason that women tend to put their own fun time on the back burner.
  • The negative “positive” feedback loop of receiving praise for being selfless and judgement when not.
  • REST! And why women are less likely to do it (STOP glorifying the hustle).
  • Why we seem to have the image of rest being unproductive when it, in fact, INCREASES our productivity.
  • Snacking like a pro – Eating for energy and how to prevent energy crashes (hangry).
  • Changing the narrative – being busy is NOT a badge of honour.
  • The Wild Collective initiative and why you need to sign up TODAY!
  • How you still need fun outside your job – even if you have a job you love!

Put yourself in the mix – pick one thing that you can do with just yourself with no guilt and, ideally, has no purpose attached.

Dr. Tracy Palmer

Wow. I can definitely relate to the suppression of my own divine feminine energy to make way for my more esteemed masculine side, for sure. So as you carry on your own journey of dual masculine and feminine energies, whether you identify as male, female, or non binary I want you to remember that taking time to embrace your feminine energy in order to seek your unique balance isn’t selfish; it’s a necessary act of self care. 

In the words of author Elizabeth Gilbert, “You are a unique event in the history of the universe. There has never been a you—not your particular soul, living at this particular moment, faced with your particular challenges. Your existence is a mystery, a miracle, and an experiment of creation, and you are allowed to examine that mystery to the fullest.”

Once you accept that, you allow your real spiritual journey to begin and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Thank you again so much for tuning in to another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. I am truly honoured, as always, to be a part of your day. Bye for now.

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