035: Need to Get That Business Idea Out of Your Head? Follow These Steps!

Dr. Chantel Nicolas

Boundless possibilities are the result of removing yourself from your comfort zone and stepping into a place where you are willing to fail, where you have a healthy disregard for what might seem impossible, AND where you seize every possible opportunity to show up as your most fabulous self.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking up business ideas all the time. But bringing an idea to reality definitely isn’t easy.

After all, acting on these crazy entrepreneurial ideas will inject chaos into your life, I’m not here to candy coat that. Taking action will probably throw you off balance. But it is from these places of discomfort that we find what drives us. We leap to exhilarating places, we learn to see problems as opportunities and our confidence for turning problems into solutions is the byproduct that no textbook will ever give you.

But all too often, we get stuck before we ever get started. We have this great idea but little confidence in knowing what steps to take to turn our big ideas into reality.

Well, what if you had a clear set of instructions to help you bring your beautiful ideas to life? A roadmap of sorts? Kinda like a recipe where you take your compelling idea, and with a concrete set of steps, you turn it into something extraordinary.

This is exactly what today’s guest, Dr. Chantel Nicolas is here to help you with. With her initiative, the Nerd Startup Incubator, she is helping early stage entrepreneurs do just that. Get their brilliant ideas out of their heads and into the world. And today, she’s here to show you how you can do the same.

The world is your oyster, so let’s shuck it!

Are you ready to take that beautiful idea of yours out of your head and into the world? Well then, this is JUST the episode for you.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The intense mindset shift going from scientist to entrepreneur and the perks that come with an academic mind in the business world.
  • Brainstorming!
  • How to make a decision on which one of your awesome ideas to turn into a business.
  • “Nerd” incubators and how they help entrepreneurs get their ideas into the world.
  • Where to start when you have a ton of good ideas to chose from?
  • The 7 steps you need to take to clarify your business idea, create it, and commit to it fully.
  • How to go from idea to successful launch.
  • How to gather intel about yourself and understand your personal assets.
  • Soft and hard skills – what are they and which ones you have in your back pocket.
  • Matching what you like with what you are good at.
  • Understanding your potential customers and where to find them.
  • Selling yourself and making the best use of your snazzy sales skills.
  • Building a supportive environment around you.

I have created a whole workbook Nerd’s Guide to Starting a Side Business. There are worksheets within the workbook that I would love for you to have! A free gift! This is exactly what I did to get to this point.

Dr. Chantel Nicolas

While so many of us have great business ideas, only a tiny few will actually do the work and follow through. And I need you to do me a solid, please don’t let perfectionism or fear stand between you and your dreams. By being methodical and taking the steps that Chantel has given you today, you’ll be able to establish the momentum you need and set yourself up for success. And, here’s my advice: don’t forget to celebrate milestones along the way, be on a constant quest to improve and always be nimble and willing to adapt to your market. Most importantly, promise me you’ll at least believe in yourself the way others do.

For more information on today’s episode including how to reach Chantel and her resources, visit kellylawson.ca/035, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode as much as I did, and I will see you next week.

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