042: Need More Online Sales? Here’s Your SEO Strategy.

With Danielle Gagnon

SEO. Or SE Oh no!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization… You hear this acronym all the time. You see ads for it and you likely get spammed about it. But what does it really mean for your business? For starters, SEO is the beast that you need to slay if you want your website to be found in a deep dense sea of websites and algorithms.

Best case scenario, your website will be seen AND it will rank high so that it doesn’t end up on page three of the google search results where all websites go to die. 

If you’re already feeling lost, don’t worry, by the end of this episode you will not only fully understand what I just said, but you will also have an action plan to improve it.

SEO is one of those topics. I’ve covered it on the show before, but its importance isn’t going away anytime soon. Think of it like this: if your website is your car, SEO is the gas you put in it. So if you haven’t been gassing up your website, this is your friendly reminder that your online assets can only go as far as you fuel them. I would say by now you’re likely ready for a top up?

The Google algorithm ranks our pages with over 200 different criteria, trying to nail all of those would totally be a full time job, and I already know you’ve got more important things to do. 

That’s why my guest, Danielle Gagnon is here today to give it to you straight and tell you what SEO actions will actually move the needle, how can you rank ahead of your competitors online, what you should be focusing on when it comes to SEO and what you can ignore. 

Danielle Gagnon is an SEO ninja obsessed with helping small business owners turn their passion into profit online. Danielle is the founder of the Content Cash Machine, a 5-day online SEO bootcamp for entrepreneurs where she helps business owners learn how to grow their business online through simple, actionable search engine optimization strategies.

She’s breaking it all down for you in today in a super digestible way, so by the end of this episode, you will have a clear game plan, a simple effective strategy and easy action steps you can take, to get your page SEEN by the people who you want to see it.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in to your SEO strategy.

In this episode, Danielle talks about

  • Her journey into the realm of SEO and how she uses it to help her clients be discovered online. 6:36
  • The amazing results that clients experience when they take the dive into integrating smart SEO practices. 8:29
  • How SEO concepts can help you be discovered on other platforms. 10:59
  • Recap: What actually IS SEO? 12:19
  • Understanding your baseline analytics is key to understanding the progress you make when implementing an effective SEO system – the best kind of before and after picture! 13:30
  • Talking the time to really understand your ideal client is key to knowing how they will search for you (sound familiar?). 17:30
  • Effective keyword research using the words your clients actually use (stop with the jargon!). 19:54
  • What do the search bots really want? 27:32
  • Pro Tip: How to name your files and images to optimize searchability. 31:14
  • How blogging can boost your SEO. 32:43

One of the things I always like to recommend that people do is a little competitor research. It is always surprising to me how people rarely spend any time looking at their direct competitors and their website… go to their website and see what they are doing right.

Danielle Gagnon

Ok, so it’s not as crazy complicated as you might have originally thought right? I really love the idea of just taking frequently asked questions or checking out the “people also ask” section of google and writing a post for each of those. Heck you are probably already answering these questions everyday in your business anyway. Next time, pop on the dictation tool on your phone and record it into a word doc, then have someone format it later. It doesn’t have to take you a ton of time and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

I love that Danielle broke it down in a way that was super digestible and actionable so that you can get to work refining your SEO strategy and ramping up the likelihood that you will be found by your dream clients in their Google searches.

I am grateful I got to hang out in your earbuds, or your car stereo or your google mini, or however you are tuning in today. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate you so much. So until next week, go clean up that alt-text on your site okay? Okay. Bye for now.


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