050: How to Create a Brand That Actually IS Funny and Unforgettable

With Rachael Kay Albers

Laughter isn’t just a gimmick, it really is better than medicine. It helps us learn faster, it helps us retain information, it reduces stress, brings our energy up and it gets our hormones flowing so that we can be better problem solvers. It does very good things and lately I think we all wish that we could have a little more of it. 

Well my friend, you are in for a treat today. As soon as I learned about today’s guest, I was immediately so inspired and enthralled by her content and how she shows up in the world, I KNEW I had to have her not only on the show, but in my world. I mean, I straight up wanted to immediately become her best friend. And the thing is. That isn’t a coincidence. It is truly a product of an incredibly unforgettable, stand out, dialed in marketing strategy.

Rachael Kay Albers is a business comedian, marketing educator, and no stranger to creating what she refers to as ‘UNFORGETTABILITY’ in business. Rachael Kay, otherwise known as RKA uses her SNL-like comedy angle to help people learn the things she teaches in her business and on her YouTube channel ‘Awkward Marketing.’ Her content is entertaining and fun and quite honestly like no one else I’ve ever seen before. So above all else, RKA is a marketing educator and strategist who full-on practices what she preaches. She walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to creating a business and a brand that truly stands out. I mean, I binged her youtube videos harder than the first season of Ozark and Tiger King combined, and I laughed and learned along the way. How about that for an endorsement?

I am beyond excited to introduce you to today’s guest Rachael Kay Albers, creative director and business comedian. And in this episode she is sharing how YOU can follow her lead and create unforgettability in your own business to skyrocket your business growth too. So, settle in and get ready to meet my hilarious new business inspiration and hopefully future business bestie, Rachael Kay Albers.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How she came to be the unforgettable entrepreneur and marketing genius she is today. 4:39
  • How marrying education, entertainment, and humour came together to create Awkward Marketing. 7:27
  • Not needing to be a videographer to learn the skills to craft great video content. 11:58
  • Different types of content: in the moment and evergreen and why they are both important to validate the information you are putting out into the world. 15:20
  • The beauty (yes beauty) of low production quality content. 17:28
  • Being rewarded for just hanging out and engaging with your clients and followers. 20:51
  • Her best tips for entrepreneurs to become unforgettable. 24:03
  • The benefits of becoming a GIFfluencer. 31:23

I think you need to follow awkward marketing on YouTube. I really I have given so much value in this episode, I am just gonna come in hot with a self promotion. That’s the kind of marketer I am today. So Awkward.Marketing.tv I think that’s going to be your first step. I think you’re gonna need a crash course and letting your hair down and just having fun while learning about business.


What can I say. You are welcome. But really, please don’t walk away after listening to this episode and NOT look Rachael up on the internet. Her content is truly where comedic entertainment meets social media and business marketing education and I truly believe she is paving the way for the future of how we show up online. 

Seriously, check Rachael out on YouTube.

I mean, I took one look at her and then immediately back at myself and realised, hang on, I don’t look annnnny different than anyone else in my industry. There is no reason for someone to remember me over another podcaster, photographer or educator. My branding and messaging are safe, and objectively similar to others in my field, and somehow I never recognised that as a problem until RKA. And so, I challenge you to do the same. Look inward at the business you are building and the brand you are creating and ask yourself those hard questions too. Like, do I truly stand out in my industry? Or have I fallen into the trap of more of the same? And so now I blend. And if the answer to that is yes, I wanna encourage you to do some deep digging and make some changes. Be your own thing. Stop looking sideways and give yourself permission to be different, bolder, more memorable – and to be true to yourself while you’re at it. I know I feel called to do better with how I show up after meeting Rachael.

I will link to all of her corners of the web in the show notes, but if you wanna skip that step, simply search Awkward Marketing on YouTube, or type RKA into your next GIFY search and you will be well on your way to getting your daily RKA fix. And I’m going to go ahead and say it, I believe she is someone to watch, because she is definitely someone who is doing things unforgettability and we are all about to see where that takes her. No presh RKA.

Today was such a treat for me, I can’t thank you enough for tuning in to yet another episode of The Workshop Weekly podcast. I am so grateful to get to introduce to you so many incredible business experts and grace your earbuds, or car speakers, or google mini week after week.

Until next week my friend, I’m gonna miss ya. Bye for now.

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