Take Better Pictures Of Your Pet With These Simple Tricks

Getting a good photo of your pet can be challenging. Especially if they don’t speak English like my dog Apple does (only kinda joking).

Here are three tips for taking better photos of your pet:

Go to where the light is best.

Good lighting in photography is everything and you will hear me repeat it again, and again… and again! Finding a nice bright source of light is key for illuminating your pet. For the best results, look for places in your home that have bright, naturally diffused light such as next to a big window. Outside on an overcast day is also fantastic!

Get down to their level.

While it can be rather cute to photograph your pet looking up toward the camera from your feet, it can also create a nice engaging portrait to get down to their level. You may want to do some stretching, because this is going to require you to get down low.

Focus on the eyes.

This is a tip that often applies to photographing people as well. The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. So if you want to create really captivating pet portraits, be sure to put the emphasis on their eyes. You will need to be patient and ready to snap when they do look at you. Try holding their favourite treat or toy close to the lens or change your position to get their attention, and start snapping!

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