055: Here’s How to Hook Your Audience in 15 Seconds.

With Lauren Schwartz

In today’s world of content overload and shortened attention spans, quick snappy content is every business owner’s secret weapon. 

Recent studies have shown that the average person spends about 15 seconds skimming online content as they scroll. To put this into perspective, that’s about the amount of time it takes to check a notification on your smartphone, send a single short text, stretch at your desk, or the length of one Instagram stories slide. 

The good news is, there are a few different ways that you can cut to the chase and grab your potential customer’s attention in 15 seconds and that’s exactly what today’s guest, Lauren Schwartz is here to teach you about today. 

Lauren is a thought leader creating profitable creative strategies for e-commerce brands.  Lauren’s passions lie in creating top-performing ad creatives and she is obsessed with strategy. In her downtime, Lauren enjoys teaching others how to create effective content for their own businesses using, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest.

So, how do you create a compelling, branded narrative in the time it takes to fire off a text? Well Lauren is here to teach you exactly how, so let’s dig in!

In this episode, Lauren talks about:

  • How she came to be a digital marketing guru and an E-Commerce strategist. 2:20
  • Her successful work with multi-million dollar bands. 3:21
  • How to generate engaging content that improves click-through rates. 5:04
  • The key to using video ads to get more leads. 6:48
  • User Generated Content (UGC) and how to leverage it in your own business. 8:20
  • Why it’s important to tell your story in less than 15 seconds and how to extract the most important information to include in such a short time frame. 10:21
  • Creative testing, how to use it it in your pitch, and how to decipher what works and what falls flat. 14:35
  • Actions to take if you test an ad and feedback is negative. 16:56
  • A three second hook and what images and content to use to create one. 19:09
  • What to do to keep people from scrolling past and forgetting about you. 24:17
  • Putting out entertaining content without implying you’re trying to sell a product. 25:43
  • The type of content to present at different stages of the buying journey for the best response. 28:15
  • Common mistakes in the world of digital marketing and how to avoid them. 31:05
  • Influencer marketing and how it fits into the digital marketing world. 33:15

I think the biggest thing that you can do is really find that hook, that really clear headline that calls out what your product does, and how it could be beneficial to someone. Take that very clear image and just put that headline on a piece of creative to test out. And again, it could be three different headlines that you test in a creative testing campaign, but I think sitting down and really figuring out how this product is going to work for you is what you should do with a clear image and clear headline.

Lauren Schwartz

Things happen fast in today’s world of hypermedia and content overload. We make quick decisions nowadays and keeping our attention is perhaps harder than ever. Like, remember when we used to have to sit through ads on old fashioned public streaming television? And now, we sit there waiting for the 4 second timer to pass so we can click “skip ad.” Or, we start a new Netflix series and if it doesn’t have us at the edge of our seats within the first minute, we go back to surfing.

Born from this firehose of on demand content is the need for punchy headlines, eye catching imagery and immediately compelling narratives. Gone are the days of rambling on and mediocrity.

I hope today’s episode inspired you to think of how you’re showing up online in that first 15 seconds. About the same amount of time it takes someone to move what you’ve posted through their scroll.

Lauren is a wealth of knowledge and she has had some serious success for her clients in considering that first 15 minutes of interaction. To connect with Lauren or any other resources mentioned in this episode, please visit our show notes at kellylawson.ca/055.

Connect with Lauren:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/theloft325/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theloft325

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-schwartz-07354312/

Website – http://theloft325.com/

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