056: Turn Your eCommerce Business into a Money-Making Machine.

With Jessica Totillo Coster

So, I know we are all pretty tired of hearing about 2020 as the year of the panny, but if there’s one thing that really stands out as an irreversible cultural shift from it all, it is the need to push our wares onto the internet.

I know you are already thinking: but how in the H can I actually really make a go at this ecommerce thing in such a wildly noisy and oversaturated space? There is SO MUCH competition out there.

Well my friend, with more consumers shopping online than ever before, and a particular interest in supporting small businesses above the giants like amazon, it’s really the perfect set of circumstances for small businesses and solopreneurs to really get serious about e-commerce.

And I get it, taking the plunge can be super intimidating for a small business owner like you, especially if you have a one-person businesses with a tight budget. 

the good news is, it’s not as hard as you might think, and one of the very best ways to learn is to see how other people did it.

That is exactly why my guest, Jessica Coster, is here today. After 20+ years in retail and 3 years as the only employee of a 7-figure eCommerce business, Jessica now works with the top experts in eCommerce and helps female business owners like you achieve the same by teaching the secrets of 7-figure eCommerce businesses.

Today’s episode is so jam packed with tangible takeaways and simple actions you can take with your own business that will yield super delicious quick wins. You’ll honestly be losing money by not listening in today. So grab a cup and open your treatbag because today’s episode is jampacked with goodies.

In this episode, Jessica talks about:

  • How she became an eCommerce badass. 2:57
  • Learning the hard way so you don’t have to, sharing her best secrets. 5:55
  • Keeping it simple – the paradox of choice and the real cost of decision fatigue. 9:30
  • Misunderstood and underutilized – strategies for using Email marketing effectively. 13:54
  • How you can really get up close and personal with your customers. 18:28
  • Tips for making sure subscribers actually open your emails. 20:59
  • The target open rate for emails, what that means for your business, and how to increase it. 25:45
  • Strategies for bringing the same customers back again, and again… and again! 30:15
  • Recycle, reuse, and repost – how often customers need to see a product before making a purchase (hint: it is more than you think). 32:02
  • Standing out in all the noise as an eCommerce business owner. 35:23
  • Opportunities for eCommerce business owners to involve satisfied customers to generate and share content. 36:49

Go look at the feedback that you’re getting from your customers. Look at your reviews, look at your customer service inquiries, look at your comments on social media, and start really getting a sense of how your customer talks about your product and then use that same language when you talk. about your product. Because now when that new customer comes and reads it, they’re gonna be like, how did she know? That’s what I was thinking, oh my god, she’s in my head. So as much as you can use your own customers language, the better off you’ll be. And there’s so much of it there. We just have to take the time to look for it.

Jessica Totillo Coster

Well, I told you that you are going to learn a whole lot by listening to today’s episode.

I can’t wait to get away from this recording studio to go make some changes in my own business after speaking with Jessica. She is such a wealth of knowledge. And really, I could have spoken to her all day about this stuff.

It’s very clear to me that she’s super smart and pays attention to the right stuff. So, if you’re like me and you want to learn more from Jessica, be sure to check out the show notes for ways to get in touch with her and to download some of her free resources at KellyLawson.ca/056.

Was it just me or did this episode go by way too fast? I love hanging out with you like this and I’m really excited to grace your earbuds or ear holes (I don’t know why I just said that) next week. Until then, bye for now.

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