057: How to Give Your Biz Personality without Seeming Self Centered?

With Jill Wise

Does your business have a personality?

Like, does what you put out there convey that you’re a real person who is friendly and personable and a great choice to do business with? Or is it a faceless business and a bit robotic at times?

Well, your business and your brand aren’t built by robots and your brand isn’t something that’s mass produced on an assembly line so it should never feel like that. Because you create it, you carefully cultivate and grow it from a fragile dream up inside your beautiful mind to the result of a million cups of coffee, long day’s hard work and perseverance. Believe it or not, creating a brand with no personality is a surprisingly, very common small business mistake.

But why does it matter?

Whether or not you’re conveying personality in your business, be it on your website, your social copy, or ads, is often where you are creating first impressions of your small business to potential customers. When a potential customer visits your website, they are looking at how capable you are of solving their problem also if you’re someone that they can connect with. If they have a choice between two businesses, and one looks bland and robotic, while the other one looks friendly, and approachable and personable. Who do you think they’ll call? You got it – The business with the personality every single time.

So, how do you add personality to your small business website or online assets without making it seem all me, me, me? Well, my new business friend, Jill Wise, is a brand strategist, growth marketer and the creator of the client attraction equation. And she is here today to show you exactly how to do it. Because guess what, despite the pandemic, Jill was able to double her revenue in 2020 by injecting her personality into her business, and she wants the same for you. So let’s dig in and learn all of Jill’s business personality secrets, shall we? Okay.

In this episode, Jill talks about:

  • Why Jill cares about injecting personality into brands and teaching people to build their business around this personality. 3:20
  • The key to ditching the feeling that showcasing your business personality is self absorbed and embracing authenticity. 7:26
  • Defining authenticity in regards to your brand. 8:11
  • How do we know what we should/shouldn’t be sharing from a brand strategy point of view. 9:30
  • Listening as an essential part of knowing what to share on behalf of your business and what to keep behind the scenes. 10:47
  • Figuring out what clients care about VS what they don’t care about and whether your content is landing with them. 13:09
  • Best tips to get off the social media struggle bus and curate effective content that shows your personality. 17:57 
  • How to know if you’re oversharing. 20:59
  • The concerns about coming off as inauthentic and why it is not as likely as you may think. 23:10
  • Jill’s advice to people who encounter crickets after posting and how to deal with this inevitability… at least at the start. 24:43
  • Getting criticism from the wrong people, knowing who to listen to and who to ignore. 31:09
  • Common mistakes people make injecting their personality into their brand. 34:23

My only regret in business is not starting sooner and not starting all of these things sooner. I let fear get the best of me for so long. Fear, insecurities, imposter syndrome, wondering who would want to listen to what I have to say, all of those sorts of things. And I just wonder how far along my business would have been if I just started sooner just started telling stories sooner and trying to connect with people sooner.

Jill Wise

Jill is a wealth of knowledge. And I think we can all agree that the client attraction equation or the sum of experiences they have with you and your brand is way too important to not give attention to and in the age of information.

These interactions with your brand go far beyond the bricks and mortar and far beyond the experience that happens face to face. So we need to pay attention to how we show up and how that goes beyond the messaging to offer our audiences a sense of community, entertainment and connection to us.

Incorporating personality into your content is one of the most overlooked ways to help you stand out and hone your uniqueness. To connect with Jill and to find any other resource mentioned in this episode. Please visit the show notes at KellyLawson.ca/057. And thanks again for hanging out with me.

Was it just me or did this go by way too fast? I appreciate you, you know. Bye for now.

Connect with Jill

Website: www.wordsbyjill.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wordsbyjill

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/wordsbyjill

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