061: A Candid Conversation with a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur.

With Mylène Després

If there is one good thing that has come about recently, it is that people are really making an effort to support their local businesses and this is made easier when you see these businesses pour their heart and soul into their work. 

Community focused businesses are feeling the love and thriving with an outpouring of support from the communities they serve. Today’s guest embodies what it means to be a heart-centered entrepreneur.

Mylène Després turned her professional life upside down in pursuit of making a bigger community impact, and founded La Station in order to support entrepreneurs by sharing her knowledge and connections. Working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit organizations, Mylène’s goal was to help them level up to make a bigger impact.

Today’s episode is a little different. It is simply a candid conversation with a heart centered entrepreneur who I believe has something important in common with you, and that is, her desire to leave people better than she found them.

This conversation with Mylène goes deep and may be triggering to our friends in the LGBTQ+ community who have experienced discrimination on their entrepreneurial journey. 

Now, without further ado, let’s get heart centered with Mylène.

In this episode, Mylène talks about:

  • Mylène story and why she chooses to bring her heart into her work. 2:20
  • The importance of reconnecting with people genuinely as a heart centered entrepreneur. 5:12
  • What does professional really mean? Questioning how we gather, connect, and what topics are “appropriate” as we start to reconnect after a pandemic. 10:55
  • Retro inspection, asking yourself about your values and what you care about. 11:35
  • How purpose in your work can help your mental health. 14:35
  • Issues with a our current capitalistic mindset and recognizing our privilege to better the system. 16:55
  • What listeners can do today to help contribute to a better system. 18:34
  • Tough conversations, why it is important to inform yourself on important topics. 21:45
  • How we can return to social media instead of business media. 29:12
  • What is heart-centered networking? 35:03
  • The economy… and what matters more. 36:16
  • How she recommends listeners get started introducing their values, their beliefs and their heart-centeredness into their day to day lives and business. 41:06

Be human. Be yourself and making mistakes is part of it. We will all make mistakes, whether it’s something that we say that has roots in racism, or mis-gendering somebody – we will all make mistakes. The important part to remember as you’re opening up, is that it’s very scary to put yourself out there. But if you’re putting yourself out there in the most vulnerable way you can and with not the intention of being perfect, but with the intention of learning, you can’t go wrong. And when you make a mistake, you apologize, and you do better next time. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Mylène Després

I am both inspired and humbled after this conversation with Mylène. Her desire to make her community shine is undeniable and has not gone unnoticed.

Her willingness to share her story with me so openly affirms that she really does walk the walk and integrates her passions into her work. Her abundance mindset has afforded her so many opportunities and her flexibility as an entrepreneur has made it possible for her to pursue meaningful projects and connections.

We can all learn from this conversation with Mylène and I hope that you were also inspired to center your heart in your business.

Thank you for spending some time with me today, I know there are all kinds of things you could be doing right now but you chose to hang out with me. See you next time!

Connect with Mylène:

Facebook: LaStationInc

Website: LaStationSupport.com

Instagram: @LaStationInc

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